Apple Pie Ala Mode

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Fresh crisp apples with light cinnamon, buttery pie crust and creamy french vanilla ice cream.

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25 reviews for Apple Pie Ala Mode

  1. Lisa

    When I could not get Apple Pie Ala Mode from a previous vendor, I looked on the internet and found Dr. Crimmy. I am not disappointed this vape is wonderful in the fall. It tastes great and I added extra flavor. Thank you for the option also for the personalized service!

  2. Clifton

    Yum, simply yum. Its one of the best Apple pies I’ve had. Always my goto

  3. Mike

    APAM is my daily go to vape. Great right outta the box and gets better as it goes. I highly recommend this one, you’ll be glad you got it and wished you bought at least 2!!

  4. Luke

    This is my goto vape. All the time I know I’m going to get something good from them. Haven’t let me down yet

  5. Alisa

    This is another good flavor from the Dr. It is a sweet apple pie with ice cream. Next time I will order with extra ice cream along with the extra flavor shot for more balance.

  6. Donavan

    Buddy of mine ordered this! Super amazing ! Not too over powering . Sweet when you add the extra ice cream! For sure to leave your mouth watering and hoping your bottle never goes empty !

  7. Robert

    Hands down my favorite dessert vape. It’s still amazing without the ice cream but I prefer having the ice cream flavor. The crust flavoring really makes it taste like apple pie. Will order more soon..

  8. Michael

    Has been my adv for 4 years. Best flavor ever


    the best apple pie ala mode i have ever vaped. no steeping needed.

  10. Cliff

    This has been my go to juice for about 4 years, extra ice cream is the way to go here, seriously I’ve bought gallons of this stuff, it’s amazing.

  11. Cole

    It was good right out of the box had a good apple pie flavor with a after taste of vanilla but after about a week it got harsh and a bland taste

  12. Brian

    Tastes just like a home baked apple pe, with vanilla ice cream. It amazes me how the flavor comes out in the vape. The Dr never disappoints.

  13. Joseph

    Good flavor at first but if you let it sit too long it gets harsh

  14. jeff

    My favorite vape for a couple of years love the extra shots.

  15. michael

    My all time fav. Great flavor without extra shot. Try it, you will not be disappointed

  16. Michael

    Has been my all day vape for over 3 years now. Best juice I’ve ever had by far.

  17. Charles

    I am a big custard, well an OD fan of Crimmy’s product line. But I tried the Apple Pie Ala Mode a few years back and it had became one of my favs. That’s why when I pick up a bottle it’s 500 mils or not at all!!!

  18. Kimberly

    This has been my favorite for a few years. Can’t go wrong with the extra ice cream and flavor shot #Apple Pie Ala Mode

  19. Don

    Between Honey Humps and Apple Pie Desert in a Bottle It is better to let steep afterwards it’s really good…

  20. CrimmyBuckIssue_Lynricia

    Good flavor right out of the box. It tastes even better after steeping for several weeks.

  21. Tyler

    Definitely a good tasting juice, I like to keep it in my rotation. 🙂

  22. Chelsea

    Extra ice cream and this is the perfect fall flavor. It just feels like a warm blanket of happiness and deliciousness wrapped around you.

  23. This is a great tasting vape only after it steeps several weeks. As it came, it was a little on the weak side. Has a great flavor tho. I recommend it

  24. John

    This is my personal favorite. Right out of the box, the cinnamon is a little strong, but with the proper steep it all comes together perfectly. You can taste every individual flavor. The buttery crust, the cinnamon apple, the creamy vanilla of the ice cream. It doesn’t get any better.

  25. Chad

    With the extra Ice Cream this has been my favorite vape for many years. Luv since first hit!!!!!

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