Berry Crunch with Sweet Cream

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Remember your favorite cereal? Well it’s here by popular demand. Even the Captain would approve!

This version is with Sweet Cream.

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24 reviews for Berry Crunch with Sweet Cream

  1. Logan

    Best cereal juice and I’ve tried so many different ones.

  2. Gerald

    Hands down my go to flavor. I cannot live without this stuff.

  3. David

    This juice is a great all day vape get the extra shot!

  4. Jamie

    Love this flavor especially with the extra flavor shot. Great all day vape.

  5. Nicholas

    Love this juice I vape it all day everyday!

  6. Jack

    One of my favorite flavors!!! highly recommended to anyone looking for a cereal Vape 🙂

  7. DonnaJean

    Awesome flavour…one of my ADV

  8. Jason

    I get this with extra sweet cream and an extra flavor shot along with pebbs the same way. I absolutely
    love both of them. I only vape on 4 different juices consistently and crimmys is 2 of them.


    Great sweet flavor that takes a lot to become taste blind to, while still mellow enough for a good all day vape. One of my all time favorites.

  10. Michael

    I love this juice, it’s been my favorite for some time now, but their bottles suck. They leak at the nozzle end you have to transfer the juice to another bottle.

  11. Jason

    My favorite juice that I order from crimmys, it’s in every order I place and I recently tried extra flavor shot and it’s even better!

  12. Sandra

    Hands down my favorite juice of all time! I’ve been vaping this juice for 5 years and I plan to continue to do so!

  13. eric

    Excellent juice! My only slight complaint might be that the cream flavor seems to be stronger than my past orders.

  14. Charles

    Berry Crunch(+flavor shot) + SweetCream(not extra) 500mL 80VG/20PG – The first vape juice in 3 years I’ve bought over 150mL of at one time. Bravo Doc, you’ve done a knock up job with this one! Something I wish all reviewers did, just going to mention a few other flavors I have liked knowing Berry Crunch is my favorite. Strawberry Overdose (no shots), Blackberry and Raspberry Overdose (tried with no shots, could use a shot), Blueberry Overdose (tried with no shots, could use a shot), Pebbs w/ Sweet Cream(+flav), Fruity Rings w/ Sweet Cream(+flav). Hazelnut Custard(+flav). As you can tell, I prefer lots of flavor, with only regular amount sweetness. Great stuff!

  15. Sandra

    I have been vaping for 6 years now and Dr crimmy’s crunch berries with sweet cream is hands-down my all-time favorite! Best juice I’ve ever had! Also some of the best prices.

  16. Verbal

    Dr. Crummy’s is the only place I will order juice from, all the best flavors here. This is one of my favorites, always order with an extra flavors are extra sweet cream… A few days of steeping & the flavors come together wonderfully…. best cereal Vape ever!

  17. Brittany

    Always in my order. Tastes great. Very smooth and clean vape.

  18. Nathan

    Very clean vape juice . Needed to let it steep week . But overall in my top 5 favorite juices.

  19. Dino

    Love this flavor I let it steep for 2 weeks and it’s love ❤️

  20. Jennifer

    this one is great right away- the flavor never gets old either

  21. Jason

    Amazing! With only a one week steep (because i couldnt wait!) Its amazing! I leave it un capped every day and shake it in the morning and at night and its good ..i wil be ordering again! A must try

  22. Daniel

    Best cereal flavor they have and I have tried them all. Will forever keep ordering because these are the best prices I have found and with the best flavor.

  23. Michael

    Berry Crunch with sweet cream if the best juice me and my wife has ever vaped. The nicotine in the juice is extremely smooth. Other juice we’ve vaped anything above 3/6 mg nic would turn you green. With this juice we have been able to vape at 12mg. Until we started vaping this flavor at 12 mg back in 2015 we never could quit smoking. We slowed and cut it in half but was still not completely satisfied to fully stop buying them. Now if I smoke it’s disgusting and makes me feel ignorant to ever lick and eat out of that nasty ash tray. We are so satisfied with this juice/flavor/nic that we have vaped or smoked any other flavor since 2015. Berry Crunch sweet cream extra flavor shots 12mg 70/30 or NOTHING for us. We just do without until it gets here. That should say a lot.

  24. Tommy

    Another great cereal flavor by the Doc. Was a ADV for a few months and enjoy sneaking it in from time to time. On spot as usual with the flavor profile! Would definitely recommend trying this one!

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