Blackberry Overdose

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Another hit from our OD line. Blackberry with our signature french vanilla custard. The blackberry is pretty insane.

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6 reviews for Blackberry Overdose

  1. Johnny

    This is my all time favorite on here, never disappoints me! I’ve tried a lot of flavors but none seem to be quite as good.

  2. Sheena

    The flavor is great. Get good puffs. I just recently started this flavor, but am very happy. Dr. C flavors have impressed me thus far.

  3. Mike

    This is one of my favorites. I have tried other blackberry vapes but none come close to this. It is really good and I have to keep it in my vape rotation.

  4. Timothy

    Blackberry Overdose is Amazing. Loved Strawberry Overdose forever but it lost its charm to me. I ordered this BBOD to see what its like and I love it. Did not get any Extras per Dr Crimmys suggestion due to Blackberry being a strong flavor. It needs a little steeping for the full flavor but pretty good right out the box. Looks like I might have another go to juice. Thanks Dr Crimmy for another great juice


    tastes exactly like i hoped it would. Nailed the black berry flavor and since i already love Overdose the combo of the two made perfect sense. I think i like this juice more than stand alone OD. This flavor combo provides a stellar vape.

  6. Glenn

    BBOD is delicious. It is my absolute favorite. I’ve been vaping it since 2013. I have tried other flavors, but just keep going back to BBOD.

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