Blood OPS

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A secretly formulated blend of Blood Orange, Pineapples, and Strawberry.

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35 reviews for Blood OPS

  1. JOEL

    nice flavor, but the batch I got made me cough like mad. ordered 80/20 1.5mg and it was like vaping 50/50. and my fluid had a haze to it. not sure that is normal. no issue with grape energy, rootbeer, or crimmy punch though

  2. Nikolaus

    Every single juice here is good, I’ve never been disappointed by Dr. Crimmy but Blood Ops is the Best flavor I’ve ever had.

  3. josh

    I have been buying spec ops in 500mls for a while now as my adv and I tried this on a whim figuring I would enjoy it regardless because the profile is similar. I have to say I have found my new all year vape. It is a bit more (I’m not sure if this is the right way to describe it when compared to spec ops but whatever) tangy. I love it and this will be my new 500ml order from now on.

  4. Steve

    Best juice I’ve tried yet, I prefer it over Special Ops which is another favorite of mine. Blood Ops and Pebbs with sweet cream are my top two favorites

  5. Kimberly

    This flavor was not for me. Something in it caused my throat and nose to turn red and irritated (almost like an allergic reaction probably just to strong citrus)) and the taste didnt agree with me.

    Wont be reordering, wasnt for me.

  6. Jen

    2 years now I’ve been ordering this wonderful juice. I absolutely love it, while all of the flavors I’ve tried, they’re all good. Blood ops is my absolute favorite and my adv!! Love this and love Dr.Crimmys!!

  7. Janine

    Has been my husbands only flavor for years.

  8. Chad

    Good flavor! I always order this juice it’s balanced out very good… Give it a try if you haven’t.

  9. Brittany

    This flavor is refreshing and a nice change up… I will definitely keep this on hand from now on

  10. Jen

    I’ve tried many different flavors but Blood Ops is my absolute favorite. In fact, it’s all I vape! No other juice comes close for me.

  11. Super

    Excellent flavor
    One of the best flavors I’ve tried

  12. William

    Found this juice at a vape store in Macon and fell in love. Vaped it exclusively for the year I lived there and once I discovered I could order it online I’ve been buying it ever since. Best juice I’ve ever found

  13. Katie

    One of my all time favorite. This juice is Soo tasty.

  14. Jim

    Great fruit flavor

  15. Daniel

    Really tasty juice. Will buy again

  16. Joseph

    Fantastic flavor. Smooth and delicious.

  17. Camma

    Love this flavor! It was my boyfriends favorite flavor for years and now mine. Been ordering this flavor for almost 3 years! 80/20 500ml extra flavor shot.. why not?

  18. Ali

    One of my favorites. Always in the rotation. Good orange and pineapple flavor, subtle on the strawberry

  19. Lynricia

    I personally didn’t care for this flav at all. i didn’t like the blood orange flavor. I let a coworker try it, and he loved it. His exact words- “This s**t is really good! Where can I get this?” So I passed my bottle on to him, told him where to buy more, and gave it 5 stars

  20. Tim

    My favorite juice. Really enjoy vaping this flavor

  21. Robert

    Been vaping this Black Ops for about 3 to 4 years awesome Vape hope it never goes away😁

  22. Michael T

    My favorite E-Juice. I find myself just ordering this one time and time again. Not overpowering, just right smooth sweetness

  23. Jennifer

    Blood ops is amazing!! so far its my favorite juice

  24. Jacob

    Best juice by far

  25. Jacob

    Best all time juice

  26. Karene

    Blood OPS is great right out of the box, and only gets better with a bit of steeping! Would highly recommend if you long fruit called but feel like you want something with a bit more punch to it!!

  27. Kevin

    Best juice I’ve vaped. Great right out of the box l. Only thing I vape 500ml at a time

  28. Kevin

    Best juice I’ve vaped. My adv for years now. Thanks Doc!

  29. Jesse

    First time buyer. Straight out of the mail it’s great. The flavors blend together perfectly.

  30. JJ

    By far my ADV from my very first order!

  31. Alexander

    I typically go for creamy vapes so this was a change of pace for me. It has a sharp tart flavor that just works. I’d recommend steeping for a better blend.

  32. Timothy

    Nice smooth vape with a little bite from the blood orange. Three flavors blended great together. Needs a little steeping to get the perfect taste. ADV when I get it.

  33. Joan

    All of the fruits blend together perfectly! Sweet and refreshing.

  34. Blaine

    The fruity flavors in this one knock it out of the park it’s the prefect amount of tropical

  35. Elizabeth

    Great juice! Love it! The blood orange is stronger than regular oranges. I like this better than special ops. My sons favorite juice!

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