Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy

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A confectionary sweet treat on a stick with blue rasperry flavoring. If you want to feel like a kid at a carnival again, give this one a try!

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40 reviews for Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy

  1. Hayley

    Great juice! I’m very picky and I enjoyed this.

  2. Hayley

    Exactly what I wanted. I’m picky and still love it!

  3. Hayley

    A great juice!

  4. Brandon

    Definitely one to try it has a great flavor tried it and got it again.

  5. michelle

    this is so amaaaaazzzzzzzing if you havent tried it is a must

  6. Jacqueline

    Ultimate favorite! My everyday, all day vape. Thanks Doc.

  7. Thomas

    80/20 mix, 1.5 nic, Not steeped. Based on my experience with the strawberry cotton candy, I started with a flavor shot. Therefore, there was no need for steeping. Flavor is great! The blue raspberry is bold, but not overwhelming. Has that melt-on-your-tongue juiciness. I don’t know if it just the base flavor differences, but this one has the better cotton candy undertone of the two.

  8. Angela

    Tastes just like Cotton Candy! I love this flavor!

  9. michelle

    this is a MUST try if you have not . EVERY thing about it is AMAZZZZING

  10. Gwendolyn

    One of my favorites. Tastes so good and smells amazing!!

  11. George

    Love this one!!!!Always come back for more.Oh,and LOVE the new bottles guys!!!

  12. James

    One of the best

  13. michelle

    one if my faves . if you have not tried it you should and i promise you will love it

  14. James

    One of the wifes favorites

  15. jacqueline

    If Your Reading The Reviews Cause Your Not Sure About This Flavor, I Hope My Review Will Help You Decide, This Flavor Brings me back to when i was a kid eating cotton candy at a fair, It tastes the way it should, no chemicals, no aftertaste, the flavor lasts till the end of the bottle, Your only regret will be that you didn’t buy a bigger bottle.

  16. Shelley

    I cannot run out of this juice! It’s perfect from day 1 ❤

  17. michelle

    one if my faves . if you have not tried it you really really should

  18. Jim

    Not bad…could be stronger on both flavors

  19. Alex

    A great vape. Like other blue raspberry vapes with the added taste of cotton candy.


    I am actually not impressed with this juice. I suspect mine didn’t have the extra flavor shot or something else went wrong. My usual choices are Stawberry OD and Kitty Milk, but I usually try other things from time to time, this one I won’t be coming back to.

  21. michelle

    Awesome flavor love u guys , if you have not tried this one you really should it is awesome

  22. Shelley

    This is by far my favorite! I cannot under any circumstances run out! Thanks so much for keeping this flavor! Yall rock!

  23. Timothy

    Great flavor. Took a little steep time to come out. Its not too strong and has a great taste. Been ordering a lot from Dr Crimmy’s and this might be my next ADV

  24. michelle

    Dr. Crimmy is of course the best and so is the Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy. its a must try if you havent

  25. Larry

    Very Delicious Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy. Great all day vape. Love the compliments I get from people near me that love the aroma of cotton candy. Thanks to Dr. Crimmy’s for an awesome flavor and the multiple Vapegasm’s I have experienced! Plus I love the fact that for just $1 more you can get a flavor boost!

  26. Justin

    Dr. Crimmy has so far been the only company to make a spot on Blue Razz flavor, all other brands just can’t seem to nail it like Crimmy does!

  27. Aaron

    Blue Raspberry Cotton candy is a great all day vape! It has a great taste of cotton candy!

  28. Verbal

    One of my favorite of all time. Dr. Crummy’s is the only place I will order juice from & this Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy is one I always come back to although there’s 3 or 4 other flavors I enjoy a lot I really miss this one everytime I run out.

  29. Bob

    This is by far the best blue raspberry cotton candy I have tasted anywhere and I have tasted a lot of them!

  30. Daniel

    Oh. My. God. So, I have been struggling looking for anything blue raspberry, as it’s my favorite candy (dumdum lollipops) and the juice I’ve been using for 3 years that recently went out of business. I cannot believe how delicious this blue raspberry cotton candy is! Pleasantly surprised! Purchased with an extra flavor shot, because, obviously. Highly recommend! Great job guys. Hopefully it’s kinder to my coils than the juice I was using before too. (Smok OSUB King & Big Baby Beast tank.)

  31. Taylor

    My new favorite blue razz brand!

  32. Bob

    This isTHE BEST JUICE IN THE WORLD. I keep a full tank of this juice at all times. Best juice I’ve ever had!!!

  33. Kathryn

    Love the flavor of the Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy that I get from Dr. Crimmy’s. It’s sweet flavor and the extra shot definitely helps. The vape shops in my area really don’t compare to ordering from Dr. Crimmy’s.

  34. Dustin

    Good stuff

  35. Donna

    This is my favorite juice. I use it as my go to. I love dr crimmy. It is always good. Fast and I have tried so many others. This is my all time favorite. The flavor is perfect for me not too fruity not too candy. It’s the perfect in between. I won’t buy anything else.

  36. George

    Been ordering from DC’s for a few yrs and have NEVER been let down.Always fast shipping and this Blue raz is by far my fav.

  37. Melissa

    This is pure raspberry confection, a perfect ADV for anyone who enjoys candy flavors. I just ordered my 6th 500ml It will give you huge cotton candy clouds but it won’t burn up your coils and cotton. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  38. Nicolas

    This is pretty damn good! very smooth Blue Raspberry taste. very sweet

  39. CrimmyBuckIssue_Lynricia

    This is the best cotton candy flavor I’ve had from any shop!

  40. Morgan

    My new favorite! I always get an extra flavor shot and this one doesn’t disappoint!

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