Blueberry Doughnut

(19 customer reviews)


Sweetened fried dough with bits of ripe blueberries.

19 reviews for Blueberry Doughnut

  1. Thomas

    I floated all around the Crimmy line of juices and this one still makes it onto every order. Love it!

  2. Lisa

    Tastes just the way it sounds!! I really enjoy this in my rotation. Naturally it gets better with a steep!
    I order it without anything extra…. Give it a Go

  3. Larry

    Just ordered this a couple weeks ago and the flavor is on spot will definitely be buying this one again and recommending to my fellow vapors

  4. Alisa

    Really good blueberry flavor. It is sweet and very flavorful. This is one of my favorites.

  5. James

    Gotta love the blueberry ?