Combo Pack

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Offering our customers the perfect oportunity to try out new flavors.

 4 30ml bottles, your choice of mixes.

These won’t last forever!

  • All flavors are pre-steeped between 2 weeks up to 2 months
  • No substitutions. 80/20 VG/PG availability only.
  • 0mg or 3mg only. (+$3.00 for 3mg)
  • Extra Flavor optional. (+$3.00)
  • Choose wisely! All sales are final. No replacements will be offered if you do not like the flavor(s) you choose.

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51 reviews for Combo Pack

  1. MICHAEL (verified owner)

    This makes it very easy to try many flavors

  2. Lisa (verified owner)

    I have tried 10 flavors Apple Pie Ala Mode,Hazelnut cream, Carmel Mac, Banana Bread, Peach, Kitty Milk, Strawberry Overdose, Blackberry Raspberry Overdose, Blueberry Overdose and the Fuzz. I get extra shot and nic.

    My favorites of the Overdose category is the Blackberry Raspberry combo. My Favorite of all of these is a toss up between Peach and the Fuzz.

    These are amazing flavors and it is hard to blind buy without trying. This is the best way to know what you like. I have not been disappointed with any selection- taste is a matter of preference. Get the extra shot if you’re vaping for flavor. Can’t wait to try more. May buy one of these for Christmas present.

  3. Lisa (verified owner)

    Amazing way to try flavors. I like every flavor I have tried. I want to try more. Thank you for the excellent vape. Thank you for helping me stay off the cigs.

  4. Jacob (verified owner)

    Awesome way to try their stuff. Just found a new favorite juice called berry crunch. Best site for juice, I recommend to all my boys.

  5. Jose (verified owner)

    So many flavors !!
    Not enough coils lol
    Started vaping again and had to come back to the doc
    overdose is by far the best for me!
    Glad I tried the combo pack to try some new juice glad I did
    kudos to you Doc!

  6. Kimberly (verified owner)

    For the trial of flavors to see if you like them I give it 5 stars for value. I learned my lesson buying big bottles with no idea how they taste to me. My only problem with them is I have MS and these little bottles are HARD to squeeze, I have to get a pair of scissors and squeeze it between the handle to get anything out of them at all. If that was updated I would give this 100 out of 10 stars.

  7. jason (verified owner)

    Its a great way to sample the flavors. I do it all the time. Plus they are usually steeped too.

  8. amanda (verified owner)

    Flavors are delicious, and I like being able to try new ones on a budget. Only complaint is how hard the bottles are, made it extremely hard to squeeze. Flavors are delightful, as usual.

  9. Kiernon (verified owner)

    I bought these and I am too weak to squeeze the bottles. At first, I thought it was just me because I have the grip of a tiny baby, but I had someone else confirm it was indeed the bottle & then these reviews further confirm lol. The juice itself is on par as usual though!

  10. Eryk (verified owner)

    Fantastic way to try new flavors. Been ordering the same ones over and over so this was a nice way to step out of my comfort zone and try some new things. The small bottles are difficult to squeeze but if you cut a little off the nozzle it becomes very nice.

  11. Kimberly (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best way to test new flavors. After my next to last order flopped hugely with 4 flavors in 125ml that didnt agree with me I decided to try these even though the nicotine was lower than I’d normally order.

    My only complaint is the 30ml bottles are extremely hard to squeeze the juice out. I have active MS with hands that dont work right and getting the liquid out has been a huge problem for me, usually I could just ask a friend but being quarantined alone this isn’t an option right now. Wish they were easier to squeeze like the bigger bottles. I took off stars because the juice combo is a really, really great deal but takes a good super hard grip to get it out of the bottle and so they are unusable for me.

  12. Kathryn (verified owner)

    I love the combo pack and I get it often just because I hate dedicating $17.50 to a 60 mil of a new flavor I don’t know if I’ll like. However I do wish you could try any Crimmy Flavor in the combo, because there are a lot of flavors I want to try without the big dedication.

  13. Jacob (verified owner)

    Got to try key Lime yogurt and southern peach, as well as blue raspberry cotton candy, they were all great but my new favorite is the cotton candy. Crimmys, please make orange crimmsicle and orange pound cake available for the sample pack, I’d love to try!

  14. Tiffani (verified owner)

    I do not get my juice anywhere else. Ever since I have heard about this place. All the flavors are AMAZING!!! The combo pack is perfect to sample flavors of all different kinds. I would recommend you try them all.

  15. jacqueline (verified owner)

    I Love The Combo Packs, it gives you a chance to try new flavors in a smaller bottle, For me it was Root Beer Float, I’ve wanted to try this one for some time now, I was afraid it might have a chemical flavor, It doesn’t Its amazing!! The only negative comment from me, is the bottles they are so hard I can’t get the juice out. I hope you look into that, and change the bottles!!

  16. Carlos (verified owner)

    I like getting the sample packs, trying out different flavors and having many options for such a great price. I would have given it 5 stars but the bottles are stiff and makes it hard to fill your tank. Other then that fantastic deal!

  17. James (verified owner)

    Love the sampler highly recommend

  18. Jason (verified owner)

    Awesome juice for an awesome price

  19. Talon (verified owner)

    It’s good juice, good price. The only minor complaint (quite minor, still 5 stars imo) is that the 30ML bottles are really hard to squeeze lol

  20. Tina (verified owner)

    Great flavor,Great way to test Flavors

  21. Aaron (verified owner)

    I like being able to try different flavors. As always the prices here are amazing and high quality juice

  22. Laci (verified owner)

    Awesome Sauce!!

  23. Jason (verified owner)

    great way to sample different juices. loved ry4 and strawberry cream

  24. Paul (verified owner)

    Love this feature, about to use it again to try more flavors! Great value, and so far the 4 I have tried have all been really good.

  25. Alexis (verified owner)

    Got a couple new flavors to try this time. But I found out I’m going to stick to my normal ones aha. But it was an amazing deal I couldn’t pass up! I love your ejuice and don’t shop anywhere else to get it! Thank you for all you do!

  26. Rhonda (verified owner)

    Only left 4 stars due to how stiff the bottles are to squeeze the juice. E-juice is excellent as always!

  27. Misty (verified owner)

    The combo pack is an awesome way to try some flavors that you may have been afraid to buy previously. Wow, I have definitely found some new favorites!! Thank you Dr. Crimmy!

  28. Hannah (verified owner)

    Awesome way to try out different flavors! My two favorites so far are Strawberry Overdose and the Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy! Fantastic flavor and I will be re purchasing! My only complaint is the smaller bottles are a bit hard to squeeze the juice out of, I recommend pouring the juice into another bottle to make it easier to use.

  29. Tenisha (verified owner)

    I purchased the combo pack because I am a new customer and I’m am very unfamiliar with Dr Crimmy’s juices.
    I love that I can buy a small bottle to sample before purchasing. I bought RY4, Overdose, Strawberry Overdose and Bettlejuice and I love them all! I plan to purchase larger bottles and I will also buy another combo pack to try out new flavors while I wait for the large bottles to steep!
    The flavor of the juice is already amazing but I will add flavor shots without extra sweetener next time. I’m using a Crown IV tank and my Aegis Solo mod is set to 55w. The juice is sweet and I don’t want it any sweeter but I’m curious to see how it will be with the extra flavor shot. Highly recommend the combo pack for anyone who would like to try new flavors or for anyone who wants to have juice pre steeped while you wait for the larger bottles to steep.

  30. Dennis (verified owner)

    Love the combos

  31. Salomon (verified owner)

    Great way to sample what you may like for future purchases!

  32. Cecil (verified owner)

    Combo pack is a great chance to try different flavors. Got a couple that I wanted to try but wasn’t sure (tropical illusion and banana nut bread). They are both great. I will be adding them into the rotation.

  33. Nathaniel (verified owner)

    Great pack, I tried 4 new flavors with this, I had Southern peach, blue raspberry cotton candy, watermelon and strawberry banana cream. Love the southern peach and blue raspberry more than the other two and those were my next order in big bottles. Give some new flavors a try!

  34. Michelle (verified owner)

    Love these combo packs, please never discontinue them

  35. Joseph (verified owner)

    Great way to find the juice you like best! You can not beat the price either! I really enjoyed blue Rhino and I just got a 500 ML of bettlejuice its fantastic!
    Go Dr Crummy!
    Master of the juice!

  36. Dannyell (verified owner)

    Great way to try different flavors and a great variety to choose from. I’m very happy with my purchase!

  37. Kendra (verified owner)

    This is the perfect way to get to try out new flavors!! Or if you like multiple flavor and cant stick to just one this is a great way to do that!!

  38. Emily (verified owner)

    This was perfect! Ive only been vaping for a couple months and i am sick of buying larger bottles of flavors I end up not being wild about. Such an awesome idea here! Only thing I’d suggest is at least making sure all the best sellers are in there. I wanted to try the lemon cookie out, but it wasn’t listed.

  39. Jason (verified owner)

    I’m typically don’t stick with a single flavor all day, so this is an ideal approach for when i’m purchasing v-liquid. Also, i’ve been able to explore new flavors without committing to a larger bottle. It’s a great way to figure out your likes or dislikes, or to keep a variety of flavors on hand. Kitty milk definitely won this last trial. Now on to the next group, knowing i’ll be as impressed with the on-point flavors as always.

  40. Bob (verified owner)

    I loved the combo pack idea. It allowed me to try some new flavors without getting too much. Great buy!!

  41. Erin (verified owner)

    Great way to try some new flavors. I typically stick to the same citrus flavors so it was a great way to venture out and try something different. The twisted loops flavor is definitely on point! The 30ml bottles are a little hard to squeeze unlike the 60ml but overall definitely recommended if you want to try some new flavors.

  42. Kenneth (verified owner)

    Great selection of juice in the combo pack. I have bought this many times to try different juices. Also like that it has already been seeping and it’s ready to vape when you get it! A+Dr. Crimmy!

  43. Jamie (verified owner)

    This was my first order with Dr. Crimmy’s and I didn’t have not one problem. I like that I was able to purchase four different flavors in a combo pack and it was a great price! The shipping was very fast. The only thing I wish you could change in this pack would be to be able to choose different nicotine Mg’s. Your only able to either get 3mg or no nicotine. But that’s not going to stop me from buying any more. Thanks for the great service and I will be placing another order soon.

  44. David (verified owner)

    Great way to try different flavors. I tried blood ops and special ops both awesome adv. Beetlejuice and project s both decent juices you’d fill up few times a week with. Blue raspberry cotton candy is only flavor I’ve had so far that I didn’t like. But it’s still sleeping. Only been born for month now. Will report back in few months on tht 1

  45. Alan (verified owner)

    I have enjoyed your premium juices and will buy again in the future.

  46. Barry (verified owner)

    First time buyer but very happy. Have gone a week without smoking.

  47. MICHAEL (verified owner)

    So happy for the sample pack make it easy to try before buying a bigger bottle.

  48. Sherry (verified owner)

    This is a great way to try different juices. So glad I did it this way. My favorite was Beatle Juice out of the ones I picked. The others were The Fizz, blood ops, & Scream.

  49. CrimmyBuckIssue_Lynricia (verified owner)

    I really like being able to try other flavors without having to buy a large bottle. The smaller 30ml bottles made perfect stocking stuffers too.

  50. Lynne (verified owner)

    So glad dr. Crimmy is now offering these combo packs. I couldn’t afford to step out on a large bottle i was interested in trying. Now i can try give them all a respectable ‘go for it’….4 at a time.

  51. Matthew (verified owner)

    Great way to try a variety of Crimmys premium juices. I have purchased this juice for the past 4 years and am always satisfied with the quality of product and customer service.

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