Crimmy Bears

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This is the classic chewy bears that may or may not be gummy.

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7 reviews for Crimmy Bears

  1. Dillon

    I like the bite it has to it. Let’s you know that you are really getting something. And it tastes like popping a gummy in your mouth. Got the strawb last time. Hoping I like the sweet cherry as much.

  2. Jacob

    I’m sorry crimmys! The only flavor I’ve tried I didn’t like. I found it to be harsh and kind of artificial tasting. Mixed with other juices like a pineapple pear juice I had at the time, it doesn’t taste too bad

  3. James

    Love this flavor….I always add the strawberry to it

  4. Robert

    It’s a little harsh and not as flavorful as there other juices

  5. Manuel

    I got the strawberry. It’s a rough to say the least. Flavor reminds me of how nail polish smells and its rough on the lungs. Very surprised considering how good Dr. Crimmy’s juices normally are.

  6. Karen

    By far my favorite! It’s my adv and never lets me down no matter what flavor. Now if they just had apple, peach, dragonfruit flavors I’d be in heaven lol

  7. Nicolas

    My wife loved this! I’m not a cherry fan but I could vape this. She on the other hand uses this daily. Doesn’t have that cherry bite that most cherry flavors have. which is a good thing!

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