Crimmy Cake

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From: $17.50

From: $17.50

A cream filled cupcake so delicious, it can only be called Crimmycake.

Since this is a custom flavor, it can not be replaced if you do not like it.


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8 reviews for Crimmy Cake

  1. Enedina (verified owner)

    This our our favorite with vanilla custard.

  2. Glenn (verified owner)


  3. Greg (verified owner)


  4. Colin (verified owner)

    I have to agree with Nicholas; I’ve ordered this YEARS ago as a vanilla Crimmycake and like Nicole says, tastes more like cake batter..although I do get some of the “baked” taste in exhale. Something is definitely different, but still great quality as always from Dr. Crimmys.

  5. Nicole (verified owner)

    I chose mine with strawberry cream and whipped cream as fillings, I think all 3 flavors work so well together! This tastes more like cake batter than actual cake but that is just fine by me. On the inhale I got the fruit and cake and exhale was sweet and creamy. I will definitely order this one again.

  6. Mike (verified owner)

    I got the vanilla filled crimmy cake, very good, have ordered 3 times so far.

  7. Jacob (verified owner)

    Really nice taste like a cream filled sponge

  8. Nicolas

    something changed. I used to order this in a 500ml almost everytime I ordered, but the last time I tried it something was off. good with raspberry and with lemon.

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