Get Dipped

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Everyone loves chocolate-covered fruit, right?

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3 reviews for Get Dipped

  1. jacqueline

    I’m shocked to only see 2 reviews on this Amazing Flavor!, I’ve been vaping for years, i have 3 different mods, I’ve noticed that the flavor changes with different mods, My Smok Infinix keeps the flavor smooth, you really taste the strawberry and the chocolate its incredible, I’m a big fan!! You can always try it in the combo packs, they give you a choice of 4 smaller bottles.

  2. Angela

    This is my everyday v-liquid! I’m an amateur chocolate conoisseur lol, and this is by far the best chocolate v-liquid I’ve ever tasted. The strawberry flavor stands head and shoulders above other brands for accuracy.
    Best chocolate + best strawberry = Get Dipped!

  3. Adam

    This flavor is spot on for dark chocolate covered strawberries (real, not that awful artificial strawberry flavor other companies have). One night I even did a back and forth with this vape and actual strawberries with dark chocolate on them and it was impressive how well they matched this one.

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