Fruity Rings with Sweet Cream

(13 customer reviews)


Fruity rings, Just like your old favorite cereal!

With sweet cream!

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13 reviews for Fruity Rings with Sweet Cream

  1. Anne

    Hands down, my all-time fave! I can’t vape without it. Delicious. Get an extra flavor shot and sweet cream!

  2. Logan

    Awesome juice with a big sub ohm tank paired with a mesh coil! Only juice i buy is from the doctor.

  3. Charles

    This and pebbs with sweet cream are my go to juices! I always get them with extra sweet cream and an extra flavor shot. Easily the best cereal vapes I’ve ever had.

  4. Alex

    Very good juice! Tastes a lot like it!

  5. Anne

    The best EVER! And the only juice I’ve used for years. You will love it.

  6. Paul

    Tasty AF. Seriously can’t get enough of this flavor.

  7. Anne

    My absolute favorite flavor! Extra flavor shot with sweet cream is perfect. Love it!

  8. Jim

    Delicious flavor

  9. Misty

    A fantastic juice! Taste just like that big bowl of fruit loops, and the sweet cream takes it over the top! So delicious!

  10. Michael

    This has been my favorite juice for the longest time. You cannot go wrong with this! Best fruit loops juice on the market!

  11. Matthew

    If you’re looking for a fruit loop flavor that is spot on every time. Fruity rings with sweet cream is where it’s at. It never gets old!

  12. Brian

    Me and my spouse love it. This and Pebbs with extra flavor shot and sweet cream are regular 500 ml orders for us.

  13. Nji

    My diet pill.. Lol but seriously this is my morning Vape. Love all the cereal flavors

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