Hazelnut Custard

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A PERFECT blend of Hazelnut and Custard that will keep you coming back for more!

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40 reviews for Hazelnut Custard

  1. Christopher

    By far my favorite custard from any company! Flavor is so strong and good but yet not overpowering. Def an all day vape!

  2. Kristina

    This is my new favorite, holy yum balls!!! I love hazelnut but am super picky with juice flavors and was a lil nervous about trying this. But I am so glad I did because this is now my go to and my husband loves it too!!! Will definitely keep buying this one

  3. Leigh

    I absolutely love this flavor it is perfect not to strong and over whelming or too sweet!!! Will be ordering again.

  4. Denise

    My all time favorite! Nice nutty flavour..Not too sweet. Just right…Thanks Dr Crimmy

  5. Andrew

    A PERFECT blend of Hazelnut and Custard that kept me coming back for more!…and more,and more,and more,and more!!

  6. Chris

    Absolutely awesome juice. The best flavor combination I’ve ever had.

  7. Jeff

    Easily the best hazelnut I’ve vaped. You really don’t even the need the extra shot, but why not.

  8. Jakub

    Cheap quality , head pain on every hit Never again !!!!!

  9. Terry

    This has got to be one of the best flavors I have ever had Hazelnut Custard is so so so satisfying

  10. Andrew

    I quit smoking 2 packs a day of newport 100s, on this Hazelnut Custard juice and i dont want to give that up. Nor am i ready to quit the nicotine. Thank you, kindly for supplying the greatest juices ever.

  11. Cynthia

    Hazelnut custard is the best I’ve always ordered this particular one no one can ever match this taste that you get I even added an extra shot for more flavor. When I’m Vape my hazelnut people say I smell chocolate and I said it’s Hazelnut and they said oh my God that smells so good and I said yes and it taste good please don’t ever get rid of this one.

  12. Kevin

    My favorite juice! It taste great right when I get it. I don’t even have to steep it.

  13. Adam

    Didn’t know what to expect from this juice when I first ordered. Wasn’t sure what Hazelnut was supposed to taste like. Maybe nut flavor? As it turns out it is a very smooth all day juice for me. Sweet flavor that kind of reminds me of some kind of vanilla dessert after drinking coffee. Excellent juice even before steeping. I highly recommend! I order 500ml of this with every order recently!

  14. Jamen

    Really enjoy this vape especially in the chillier months. My only wish is that you mix some tobacco in there like the ry4. Please and thank you.

  15. Chelsea

    Hazelnut w/ extra flavor shot is my all day vape!! So good!

  16. Jerry

    Amazing! Can never find vape juice at vape shops that compares to Dr. Crimmys!

  17. Alexis

    I’ve been using this juice forever! I love it! And dr. Crimmys!

  18. Stephanie


  19. Jeff

    Really good flavor and one of my favs

  20. Phillip

    This is my absolute favorite everyday vape. The flavor is excellent and it never gets old. I always go back to it. I highly recommend it!

  21. Cynthia

    OMG I love this Hazelnut Custard its the best. I have tried others and no way close to yours. I have been on this kind for 3 years. Thank you.

  22. Ronald

    I’ve tried a dozen custards on this site, and this one keeps bringing me back. One of the few that never gets too dense and never clogs your coils.

  23. Daniel

    Tastes just like what you’d think. Well done

  24. Chad

    Delicious ADV

  25. Pavel

    I have been ordering from Dr. Crimmys for over a year now and now only get all of my ejuice from them. The quality of the juice is amazing. I love how you can customize your orders and mix different juices. Their options are wide and they have the juice type and nicotine content for almost anybody that Vapes. I personally love the vanilla hazelnut custard flavor and regular custard.

  26. Susan

    I received my order a couple of days ago and was trying to let it steep. I couldn’t wait any longer. I love, love, love hazelnut, but it’s hard to find a good blend. This one needs to have 10 stars or more. The flavor is smooth; the pudding flavor is creamy; and the hazelnut is just strong enough to blend it together perfectly. I will order no other hazelnut.

  27. Elysia

    I love this flavor, I wasn’t sure I would at first but it definitely grows on ya.

  28. Chad

    My ADV for a couple years now!!!

  29. Sherry

    Has a nice flavor but not as sweet as I like.

  30. Lynricia

    This flavor is delicious! It was great right out of the box and is only getting better after steeping for a few weeks. Throughout the day, I prefer dessert and fruity flavors. But not so much with my morning coffee. Hazelnut custard is perfect with my coffee! Subtly sweet. It has definitely became one of my fav ADV vapes

  31. Casey

    By far my absolute #1 favorite flavor, and I’ve tried many flavors. I always buy the 500 ml bottles when the Doc is having a sale. I vape this flavor 90% of the time it’s that good

  32. gary

    My all time go to favorite juice. Great deal as well! Shipping is always fast as an added bonus.

  33. Sheree

    My favorite juice. Don’t know if I will ever get tired of it.

  34. Mason

    Great lasting flavor that doesn’t get old, one complaint is is gunks up my cotton on RDA’s fast. Other than that tiny issue, it’s wonderful!

  35. Michael

    My all time favorite flavor. Smooth and full of flavor. All day vape material for sure.

  36. Aaron

    My favorite flavor, has been my go-to juice since I started vaping several years ago. Sweet and smooth with a great hazelnut flavor.

  37. Stephanie

    Best juice I’ve ever had. Love this flavor any time of day!

  38. Heather

    Love this! If you like hazelnut you’ll love this juice! So good right out of the box!

  39. Very sweet, hazelnut flavor with some vanilla flavor. Excellent all day vaep. One of my favs

  40. Timothy

    Great morning vape. The Hazelnut taste is amazing. I vape this on the weekend when just sitting around doing nothing. Can’t get enough of it. Better then the morning coffee

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