Leprechaun Clouds

(7 customer reviews)


A minty chocolate shamrock shake that you will absolutely LOVE!. Get your Leprechaun on!

7 reviews for Leprechaun Clouds

  1. Jonathan

    Still hands down one of the best flavors!! Thank You!

  2. Tracy

    fantastic flavor. Mint is just right for me, and it reminds me of the Andes mint candy just not as much of a mint bite. I would order it again. have already ordered it twice as it’s a refreshing flavor

  3. Alisa

    I like this flavor, but it is missing something. Maybe it needs more mint? I let it steep and I got an extra flavor shot… I don’t know if I would order it again as there are so many great flavors from Dr. Crimmy’s.

  4. BRENT

    Its not bad. It needs to sit for a few days, the chocolate is kinda tangy right off the rip.

  5. Keith

    This is one of my favorites that I never get tired of!

  6. jesse

    this is a pretty good flavor, but would be amazing if there was an option for more mint. if you guys could give an extra mint shot that’d be great.

  7. Nevin

    FANTASTIC chocolate flavor. But definitely needed more mint flavor. even with the extra flavor shot. After steeping for 1.5 months, there was no mint flavor. But the chocolate milk/milkshake flavor was great. I’d be willing to order again but will request more mint.

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