Neapolitan Ice Cream

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A creamy chocolate, swirled with rich vanillas, and fresh churned strawberry ice cream.

3 reviews for Neapolitan Ice Cream

  1. Thomas

    80/20 mix, 1.5 nic, Steeped 24hrs (cap off only). The vape itself is exactly what I have come to expect from Doc; full and smooth. As far as flavor, I would caution people on this one. The main flavor that comes through is chocolate. This version reminds me of powdered kind Hershey used to make and not a syrup or candy kind. Chocolate is a very niche flavor and it is NOT for everyone. Unfortunately, the strawberry and the vanilla seem to get lost along the way. Overall, I still like the flavor. I would best describe it as the most generic version of this ice cream, like ones found on an ice cream truck, and not like a name brand from the grocery store. I don’t think this one would be improved with a flavor shot.

  2. Christopher

    Really like it, I can taste hints of each flavor and also all of them together just one of my many ADVs

  3. Jim

    Wanted to like it but really just mainly taste chocolate, even after steeping for months

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