The Fuzz

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Peach, apricot, and Kiwi create this refreshing summer fruit mix.

One of our #1 hits!

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85 reviews for The Fuzz

  1. Alan

    I love it

  2. Alan

    My favorite juice

  3. Alyse

    My favorite flavor! It’s the only one I use and is always just perfect. The extra flavor shot is more than worth it! Keep up the good work Dr C!

  4. Alan

    Love this juice

  5. Alan

    Best Juice

  6. Chris

    This is my go to juice!! It’s my favorite by far. Always goo flavor and very consistent.

  7. Alan

    Love the Fuzz

  8. Jose


  9. Amber

    This one became a new favorite! I get the extra flavor shot as well. Light and fruity with a soft taste of peaches. Love this one!!

  10. Connie

    If you want peach rings, you got it. Fruity and juicy. Blends well with the Pebbs.

  11. leonora

    love it!

  12. leonora

    perfect juice for a daily use!

  13. Janell

    This is by far the best fruit flavored juice I have ever had. It has become my go to juice. Great right out of the box. I have been vaping this flavor for over a year and it never gets old.

  14. Alan

    Love this juice!

  15. Alan


  16. Joey

    We both vape this daily and it’s our favorite by far. It has been for a couple years now.

  17. Jessica

    I’m always looking for new flavors and was happy to stumble across this. Super fruity and flavorful. I always get compliments on how it smells!

  18. Matt

    Good as always. Thanks for the quick delivery!

  19. Robert

    I’ll be honest I had my doubts about this flavor but I definitely changed my mind. This flavor is a welcome change from my usual all day vapes. A must have.

  20. Sylvester

    This is my favorite juice

  21. Kimberly

    This flavor was not for me. Something in it caused my throat and nose to turn red and irritated (almost like an allergic reaction probably just to strong citrus)) and the taste didnt agree with me.

    Wont be reordering, wasnt for me. Hopefully I can mix it with something else along with 2 other flavors from this same order to make them usable so I’m not out almost 100.00 with flavors that didnt agree with my body this time.

  22. Alan

    Great stuff!

  23. Jim

    My favorite. super fruity

  24. Alyse

    My favorite! I’m very picky about my vape flavor and this is my all time number one pick! Extra flavor shot and all!

  25. Alan

    Vape all the time always good

  26. Jeff

    It’s ok, but not that impressed, not sure if it’s the liquid or if I just had a preconception of taste. I was looking for a fruit blend…its ok.

  27. Jacob

    Very strong fruity flavor. I wish there was more sweetness, but that’s just my personal preference, if you’re looking for something that tastes exactly like the fruit, look no further. Because of my preference this will probably be a one time buy for me. I prefer the Beetlejuice flavor, I find it is sweeter and a bit smoother

  28. Lisa

    My absolute favorite juice! Taste just like the peach rings, I won’t vape anything else!

  29. vita

    I have been using The Fuzz for 6 years now. It is my most favorite juice and the quality and service is outstanding

  30. Sierra

    Great flavor

  31. James

    One of the wifes favorite

  32. jacqueline

    I bought this flavor for my husband, we have been vaping for years. I hate to admit this but we left Dr. Crimmy to get a better deal, cheaper juice, cheaper prices. We’ve tried many flavors from lots of companies, we couldn’t find the flavor that we have here. I bought him the Fuzz the only problem I had with that order was I bought him a small bottle. According to him, this flavor is Amazing!!!, So today I will be buying a bigger bottle!! Thank You, For Making Juice Filled With Flavor!!, We Will Remain Loyal Customers!!!

  33. Sierra

    Great flavor. Definite a juice I can vape all day and not get tired of!

  34. Alan

    Top choice

  35. richard

    I’ve tried all the fruit flavors and this one is the best. It’s so tropical. Perfect as a summer vape. As soon as I finish this bottle I’ll be buying again.

  36. Rodney

    I was a little gun shy about The Fuzz at first, since other Peach flavored juices I’ve tried, the Peach was overpowering. Not The Fuzz. Being blended with the Apricot and Kiwi did the trick for me. Peach is still the main flavor but not overpowering at all with the Apricot and Kiwi following it. I’ll be getting more of The Fuzz.

  37. Alan

    Can’t get enough of this stuff!

  38. michelle

    peach rings delious . dr crimmy you rock

  39. Jency

    Love the Fuzz! It’s the only juice I vape! Try it, it’s great!

  40. michelle

    Taste just like the peach rings . awesome juice if you havent tried it try it and trust me you will love it

  41. Chris

    This is my go to juice. I can vape this everyday. Very good flavor!

  42. Lisa

    My favorite one yet! It taste just like the peach rings, flavor last and you won’t be disappointed.

  43. mike

    This is my all time favorite! I don’t vape any other juice

  44. Alan

    Vape this all the time and excellent!

  45. William

    Love it

  46. Alan

    Love this stuff!

  47. Deirdre

    Amazing stuff! This is all I order/vape!

  48. Sylvester

    My all day go to juice

  49. Charity

    Full of amazing flavor ! Will def be buying again ! My new favorite

  50. Stacey

    By far my favorite juice to date. After I tried this for the first time I’ve tried other stuff but always come back to this one. I only use the fuzz now. By far the best fruity vape I’ve ever used by a long shot.

  51. Timothy

    Still the best juice I’ve ever tasted. My go to always

  52. Frankie

    The fuzz is hands down the best!

  53. Nikki

    LOVE this juice! The closest thing to the actual peach ring candy I have ever vaped and I am so glad I gave it a whirl ❤️

  54. Alan

    Always amazing

  55. Alan

    Very good and my favorite

  56. Bridgette

    AMAZINGLY AWESOME! Best one ever!

  57. Alan

    For me the Fuzz is the best juice Dr. Crimmy sales and I vape it a lot.

  58. Ronald

    My wife has vaped nothing but Fuzz all day for years… that says it all….

  59. Justin

    An amazing mix of flavors, you can pick each one out and they mix wonderfully! One of my instant go-to’s.

  60. Jency

    The Fuzz is my daily vape juice and I LOVE it. Don’t even want to try a different one. Best juice ever.

  61. Charles

    Best juice ever ive been vaping only this and is still my favorite and doesnt get old

  62. NaReem

    Looooove the fuzz, never gets old!

  63. Jared

    This has been my all day vape since it came out. Tastes great, and affordable to buy in 500ml bottles.

  64. Mike

    I have ordered different flavors when I first started ordering on this site.
    The FUZZ is by far my favorite. Taste great the whole bottle! Even when my coil is bad! Thanks DOC!!!

  65. Jennifer

    Very refreshing flavor. I get compliments about how good it smells. I will only order my vape juice from Dr. Crimmy

  66. Marc

    My absolute favorite juice on the planet!! Best all day vape!

  67. ANDREW

    By far my favorite juice since the first taste

  68. Keri

    Tastes just like described. By far my favorite!

  69. Larry

    Really smooth flavor

  70. Charles

    My favorite juice it is sweet and has a fruit flavor it doesn’t get old after a few days either

  71. Jared

    Been my all day vape since it was released. Great fruit flavor that goes with anything.

  72. Deirdre

    Order this every time! I’ve been hooked on this flavor for a while now!

  73. Joe

    Hands down one of my favorite flavors got it a few weeks ago and tastes just like peach rings….. AMAZING

  74. Steffi

    I can’t vape anything other than this delicious fruit elixir! I’ve been loving it for over 2 years now!

  75. Jency

    The Fuzz is the best juice I’ve found! It’s my daily juice. I get it with an extra flavor shot and it’s perfect right out of the box! I always get the 500ml bottle, and it lasts me a little over 2 months, and I use my vape constantly! If you enjoy fruity flavors this juice is for you! I LOVE IT!!

  76. Joseph

    Awesome juice you can really taste the kiwi and Peach at separate times

  77. Carol Virginia

    The Fuzz tastes just like peach when you inhale, then you get the mango-kiwi at the exhale. My favorite used to be blueberry doughnut, now it’s The Fuzz. A must have!

  78. Rick

    THE BEST FRUIT Flavor vape juice out there!!!
    WINNER WINNER vape after dinner…..

  79. Marc

    Best all day juice!! Nothing comes close to The Fuzz!

  80. Ryan

    Easily the BEST fruit flavored vape that I’ve tried. Even with 3mg nicotine, each hit is smooth and flavorful. Going to order more after I finish this review!

  81. Timothy

    Great flavor combo. Taste like a cool summer drink. Great right out the box.

  82. Elizabeth

    Love this juice. If you like “fuzzy navels” (no booze flavor of course) you will love this! One of my faves.

  83. Mark

    Best juice they have and best juice anywhere. All day vape and there’s no juice smoother. Plus you can mix with any flavor! It’s sooooo good

  84. KENNY

    The Fuzz is my all day goto juice I can’t put this stuff down!! If you like fruity flavors, this one is for you!

  85. The Fuzz is the best flavor to date! I’ve been vaping this as my daily juice since it was released! I haven’t found anything close! Don’t ever stop making this!!!

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