What is TFN® Synthetic Nicotine?


TFN® Nicotine is not derived from tobacco leaf, stem, reconstituted sheet, expanded or post-production waste dust. The nicotine is made using a patented manufacturing process that begins with a natural starter material, and progressively builds around the molecules of that material to create a pure synthetic nicotine. Almost all E-cig/Vaping brands and e-liquids use tobacco derived nicotine. TFN is devoid of many of the residual impurities that tobacco derived nicotine contain. Most important for adult consumers, TFN is virtually tasteless and odorless, dramatically improving e-juice flavors, while importantly providing the same satisfaction smokers are seeking from their nicotine. With TFN, there is no need to mask the off-flavor and aroma of tobacco-based nicotine. TFN allow manufacturers or crafted vape liquids to make a truly tobacco free vaping product!

TFN Nicotine

Tobacco Free Nicotine, commonly referred to in its abbreviated form as TFN, is synthetic (man-made) nicotine that does not use any part of the tobacco plant. It is an extract replica of tobacco-derived nicotine, maintaining the same molecular structure and many of the same characteristics, such as being odorless and tasteless. Scientists have constructed TFN on a micro molecular scale, allowing them to develop the nicotine molecule without using the leaf, dust, or any part of tobacco.

Tobacco-free Nicotine contains Nicotine but doesn’t have any tobacco in it. This means that this source of Nicotine doesn’t have the impurities that are commonly associated with tobacco. If you’re concerned about using e-juices because of the impurities that come with Nicotine, tobacco-free Nicotine is clean of these impurities.

Also, tobacco-free Nicotine doesn’t have any taste or smell, which supports the flavor and scent experience you have with your flavored E juice. Keep in mind that tobacco-free Nicotine does have similar biological properties to the tobacco plant. However, You won’t have the sour scent and flavor from tobacco-free Nicotine that is commonly associated with tobacco.


What’s the Difference Between TFN and Naturally Grown Nicotine?

Though some would assume that Tobacco Free Nicotine is different from tobacco-derived nicotine, it isn’t. For instance, salt nicotine is different because it is a modified version of freebase nicotine. However, TFN is synthetic nicotine and is an exact replica of tobacco-derived nicotine, except that it is even purer and offers even better quality. In fact, up until now, freebase nicotine was the purest form of nicotine compared to other nicotine derivatives and is a method that tobacco companies have used since as far back as the 1960s. Synthetic Nicotine isn’t made from tobacco leaves, tobacco plants, or any part of tobacco waste post-production. Instead, synthetic Nicotine uses chemicals to replicate the effects of naturally grown tobacco artificially.

TFN Nicotine


Right now, there is only one company that controls the landscape of Tobacco Free Nicotine, and that is Next Generation Labs, which has a patent pending on the unique chemical. The company claims the following benefits:

  • TFN “is devoid of many of the impurities that tobacco-derived nicotine contains, which in some cases could be using kerosene to extract nicotine which may not fully clear out during purification.”
  • TFN “is virtually tasteless and odorless, providing a purer flavor and less of a need for added sweeteners or artificial flavors.”
  • TFN “provides the same biological impact as tobacco-derived nicotine.”



Currently there are a few vape juice companies that use Tobacco Free Nicotine. There were some early adopters, however, that didn’t motivate many to flock in the same direction. The higher price tag is the main part that continues to hold vape juice companies back from adding it to their recipes, along with not wanting to lose the database of repeat customers that prefer natural, tobacco-derived nicotine. We’re sure that there are many reasons why manufacturers haven’t adopted TFN, however, we believe some of them may have a change of heart in the coming months.



When you think back years ago when the vapor products industry was still in its infancy, we were all asking if advanced vape mods would be the future of devices as we slowly transitioned from cig-a-likes to big battery devices. Years later when Juul released its devices, which used Salt Nicotine Vape Juice, we were asking if Salt Nicotine would be the future of vape juice. To answer the question many wonders, if Tobacco Free Nicotine is the future of vape juice, the answer is yes.

Just like our large mods, our small mods, and salt nicotine, the vapor products industry is being built to become a large ecosystem of vaping options. After all, isn’t that what has propelled the industry since its birth, the innovation and motivation to create less harmful nicotine products? Tobacco Free Nicotine is just the next big innovation and another stepping stone for consumers.

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