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Strawberry, raspberry, mango and pineapple. A fusion of ripe fruit flavors perfectly blended into a fruity flavor.

Please note: This flavor can be thinner than you would expect due to the high volume of citrus in it.

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79 reviews for Beetlejuice

  1. Jason

    Flavor is good. I would suggest adding a shot of flavor. Other than that it’s a great tasting vape!

  2. Kimberly

    This is a great flavor, I am notorious now to mix several Crimmy flavors together just to see what happens to my taste buds. It’s great by itself also. Thanks Dr Crimmy, my friends ask what my favorite flavor is and I stutter and just tell them about this website. I have to many favorites to just pick one.

  3. Jonathon

    Super refreshing, and I don’t think I could ever get tired of it. I’m thinking I found my new ADV here.

  4. Diamond

    This is my go to fav. Absolutely amazing. And it makes my house smell so good!

  5. Dakota

    Love love this flavor!!

  6. Brunilda

    Love Dr. Crimmy’s beetle juice have tried others juices.not the same

  7. Keith

    My EDV. I take it with extra shots of everything. You can’t go wrong with it.

  8. Kara

    Very good juice! Very fruity

  9. michelle

    This flavor is amazing , if you havent tried it
    DO SO. you will love it

  10. Kimberly

    One of my favorites so far. It’s a lovely mixture that keeps taste buds alive. I got ALL the flavor shots.

    Definate reorder, highly recommended.

  11. mark

    love this juice great right out of the box even better if you let it sit for a week

  12. Jason

    My every day go to. Never gets old. Extra shot and extra strawberry is the best

  13. Timothy

    Read all the reviews on this juice and thought I would give it a try. WOW! Why did I over look this flavor for so long. I think I found another ADV. The fruit blend is perfect . Great right from the mail . Will definitely be buying more of this juice.

  14. James

    Wife and i both love this flavor

  15. RITA

    This is my absolute fave… no matter what other flavors I order.. I like to order several different juices… I always order Beetlejuice! Best fruitiest juice

  16. Stephan

    Great juice

  17. Rodney

    My main ADV is OD and SOD. I was looking for something to give the SOD a little break, so I gave Beetlejuice a try. Glad I did. It’s a very refreshing blend and the flavors really stand out. Although they say it may be thinner due to the amounts of citrus in it, I still gave it a shot at my 70/30 and have had no problems with it in my Profile Unity. I only got the extra flavor shot, but next time I’ll be getting all the extra’s.

  18. Shawn

    Love this stuff, consistently great. This company has been reliable for the last 2 years I’ve been using them.

  19. Eugene

    Once you’ve had the rest, you’ll ALWAYS come back to the BEST. BJ is a great mix of flavors. Other company’s fruit flavors taste artificial and plastic compared to Dr Crimmy’s. Fave is xtra strawberry and raspberry.

  20. Shelley

    One of my favorites! It’s so good and easy to vape ❤ definitely try it

  21. Bo

    One of our favorites!

  22. Keith

    My go to everyday vape. Just check all the “extra shot” boxes, you wont regret!

  23. Robert

    Beetlejuice is my favorite fruit flavored juice. Actually if I remember right I believe it was the first bottle of juice that I bought. I don’t ever get sick of it, I can go through a full 500 ml bottle without switching to something else. This one is a must have.

  24. Chriss

    this crisp fruit flavor is a no brainer when you need something good to keep you off smoking cigarettes. Pineapple, rasberry, not tart at all. Smooth and delicious.

  25. Miguel

    I’ve tried other juice brands and Nothing compares to the Dr.!!! Beetlejuice is the ????????!!. Thanks Doc no more ???????? for me!!!!!!!!!

  26. Tyler

    Wife loves this juice so much that I have to add it to my order every time.

  27. Alicia

    Favorite juice

  28. Randy

    Really Great Juice!!! Will be ordering again that’s for sure!!!

  29. Jim

    One of the best all around fruit flavors

  30. M

    I have tried other juice flavors and this one is definitely top notch!

  31. Jennifer

    One of my favorites!! Won’t get my juice anywhere else!

  32. Glenn

    My wife absolutely loves Beetle Juice. I’ve been buying it for years.

  33. Lacey

    I order this juice and only this juice. It’s amazing!!

  34. Piak

    Dr Crimmy is the only place I order my juice from. I order the 500 ml bottle of beetle juice with extra shot. This juice is very fruity and flavorful. I absolutely love the cloud it produces with the 80/20 and 3 ml nicotine is perfect level.

  35. Tenisha

    This is my favorite juice from the Dr Crimmy line up. The flavor is amazing! I definitely taste the pineapple. My palate does not allow me to distinguish all 4 flavors, but they all flavors blend well together.
    I’m using an Aegis Solo at 45-52 watts, I have a Freemax Fireluke double mesh coil at .2 resistance and I also use a mesh coil for my Crown IV tank set at .2 resistance. When I set my coil to .1 resistance, flavor was lost very quickly. I soon realized, flavor is consistently amazing at .2 resistance.
    I add extreme ice to give a cool minty flavor. This is an ADV for me, but not for more than 1 day because I get bored with flavors quickly! I first ordered Bettlejuice in a combo pack, fell in love with it after the first tank and ordered a larger bottle in my very next order. My first order of Bettlejuice was about 3 weeks ago and I wanted to vape it for some time so I could give an honest review. I highly recommend this juice. It will be love at first vape!

  36. Ahmed

    From long time I deal with Dr.crimmy’s

  37. Deirdre

    Love Dr. Crimmy’s juices! I only order from this company!!

  38. Alan

    Good juice mixture

  39. Michael

    Best by far keep coming back to this

  40. M

    Great flavor, great price!

  41. Benjamin

    This is my go to juice, half a Liter per order. People around me, nonsmokers or vapers alike, compliment it’s smell all the time. It’s got a great all day flavor that truly never gets old, and keeps your coils and wicks going for an impressive amount of time too. I’ve been ordering this for over a year, and this one will probably hold me back from exploring the rest of the store as well. Doc, if you sold by the liter, I’d be the first to order that since my friends keep borrowing my vape because of this juice lol

  42. Glenn

    My wife loves this crap!!!! She has been using it for years.

  43. Jeremy

    Dude, can we talk for a minute? Cool, ok, this juice right here man…
    So i dig the fruity juices (yeah, go ahead, crack jokes). They seem to be easier on my coils than “dessert” juices. My only this is that like after a couple days, i might as well be vaping air. No taste. I picked this up and added an extra shot. I’m 2 weeks in and it still tastes like the first vape. Will most def be ordering again. Top notch liquid and quick shipping. A+++

  44. Eugene

    Freaking awesome stuff!! Once you have had it, you’ll never go back to your old juice. For some reason it takes a little longer to steep that it used to, but it’s A-1 overall, even on day one.

  45. M

    No complaints here. Juice has great flavor, it’s my favorite.

  46. Justin

    My absolute favorite juice. Perfect fruitiness and amazing flavor.

  47. Chris

    One of the first juices I tried when I started vaping a couple years ago and I always come back to it. Perfect blend of fruits and not super sweet. Always get all of the extra shots to up that delicious flavor.

  48. Joseph

    The mixture is fantastic. The pineapple really burst through and taste great. I always get an extra flavor shot. A fantastic all day vape. The doctor has truly out done himself.

  49. Miguel

    Other companies juice just can’t compare to the quality from Dr!! Beetlejuice is my favorite and my only all day vape 💯%!!!

  50. Michael

    still one of our favorites

  51. Michael

    My wife’s FAVORITE !!! Well blended this is her go to

  52. Stephen

    Sweet, fruity, and Delicious. I thought Pebbs was my favorite but beetle juice changed my mind.

  53. Michael

    I order this for my wife it’s her favorite by far she keeps going back to it she says the flavors of the fruits are well mixed and she will definitely get it again

  54. Joseph

    Dr. Crimmy’s Beetlejuice blend is superb quality, delightful taste, fruity but not over bearing. A fantastic all day vape. Perhaps my favorite. 1 billion stars! Thank you Doctor.

  55. Tabatha

    Very fruity and delicious! This one is my favorite so far!

  56. Lacey

    Husbands favorite juice. I order him a 500ml bottle atleast once a month.

  57. Gregory

    It’s my girlfriend’s favorite flavor. The only thing we would add is the ability to add a flavor shot of banana. Still great though.

  58. Ashley

    So glad I made this purchase. Dr. Crimmy’s is by far the best juice I have tried. Loved beetlejuice

  59. Michael

    Best juice by far my FAVORITE

  60. Jeffrey

    One of my favorite Crimmy flavors. Nice fruity blend that can be enjoyed all day. I usually order it with extra flavor shot and extra pineapple. Def a must try if you enjoy fruit flavors.

  61. Carrie

    My favorite juice. This one is great from the moment it arrives! I get it with an extra shot of raspberry. Can’t go wrong with Beetlejuice!

  62. David

    Five stars! Nothing beats Beetlejuice with the extra pineapple and flavor shot!

  63. Joseph

    Amazon flavor you can really taste all the different fruits

  64. Rachel

    My favorite vape juice…. I wish I would of ordered a bigger bottle. The flavor is amazing. This is my new go to jucie!

  65. Matthew

    This has always been my #1 favorite juice. I’ve tried Beatlejuice from many other places. But no one makes it like Crimmy’s. I order it Max VG, extra flavor shot, with extra pineapple. Mmmmmm truly amazing! Tastes amazing in a tank, or dripper. Doesn’t gunk up coils. Just a perfect ADV.

  66. Felisha

    Amazing amazing juice best one by far love it!!

  67. Felisha

    Great freaking vape juice ever I am completely obsessed with it. It’s the ONLY ONE I get!!! Great job at Crimmys

  68. Michael

    This is a very good juice it was my first time ordering this one I feel that I will be reordering it again

  69. Lacey

    I order a 500ml once a month. I love it!!!!!

  70. Nicolas

    Great fruity vape. Berries and Pineapple what’s not to love?!


    This was the first juice my husband ordered for me and it’s my absolute favorite! I vape it all the time! It has a great fruity flavor – I get mine with an extra flavor shot. I haven’t found a flavor I I like more than this one..

  72. CrimmyBuckIssue_Lynricia

    This is definitely a great flavor with a perfect blend of fruits. I like mine with an extra flavor shot.

  73. Brent

    This is a good fruit juice. Not bad


    Awesome juice great flavor if your looking for a fruity flavor this is it

  75. jonathan

    Straight ?????. I ordered a 60ml big mistake. Its the cleanest mashup of flavors. Love it.

  76. Donavan

    Amazing! It’s taste is nearly perfectly balanced ! Just like any of his juices i recommend throwing in the extra flavor shot if you want to really taste the flavor

  77. Chad

    One of the most refreshing Vapes that I’ve found. One of those juices that you just have to have in your personal stock.

  78. Stephen

    This was one of the first juices I tried from the Doc and I keep going back because it’s that good. This is my second ADV. I’ve tried it every combination possible (including my own special blend because Crimmy’s is the best!) and it’s amazing anyway you get it. The more you add can thin out the liquid but I’ve never had an issue. If you love fruit get this. I order mine 50/50 with extra flavor shot and extra fruits

  79. Charles

    Best thing ever created!!! I’m addicted to it lol

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