Boston Cream Pie

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From: $17.50

From: $17.50

Chocolate, bavarian cream, vanilla custard and vanilla cupcake!


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16 reviews for Boston Cream Pie

  1. Will (verified owner)

    This is the first chocolate vape that I have enjoyed. It’s a hard flavor to get right, but I think it’s done very well here. It’s smooth, light, and really doesnt overpower the juice. I definitely get the cream and cake as well. Not too sweet either, its really exactly what I wanted from this juice.

  2. Shannon (verified owner)

    I started vaping this flavor after my favorite juice was discontinued. I love this juice! It has just the right blend of flavors. The price is excellent and it always arrives quickly.

  3. Riley (verified owner)

    I’ve had a few BCP juices. This has been my favorite so far. Let it steep for a bit and get the flavor shot!

  4. Jamie (verified owner)

    My favorite!!!!

  5. Keith (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered this several times and it’s always fantastic!

  6. Thomas (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing. Was skeptical because I hadn’t heard of the company but was more than pleasantly surprised. I got it 50/50 with a flavor shot and oh my jeebus is it good. Best boston cream pie juice I’ve ever tried. Also got the banana pudding and its even more amazing.

  7. Sheila (verified owner)

    Love it! Sweet and creamy with a touch of chocolate.

  8. Sherry (verified owner)

    This has become my new favorite!

  9. Tracy (verified owner)

    My favorite juice still. 4 years+

  10. Tracy (verified owner)

    This is my all day vape for the past three years. Its smooth, chocolatey, and vanilla creamy. The best juice by far

  11. Nathan (verified owner)

    Boston Cream Pie. Who would turn down a slice? – I certainly can’t!

    This flavor can stand up for an all day vape in my opinion. A hint of chocolate, with a nice smooth custard. This is sweet, but, not overwhelmingly so. I’ve definitely tried other custards that were way too sweet, or artificial tasting after a while.

    I’m basing this on; 3 to 6mg / @ 70/30

  12. David (verified owner)

    Boston Cream Pie is by far my all time favorite. Sweet but not too sweet and hints of chocolate and cream without being overpowering.

  13. Tracy (verified owner)

    I have been vaping Boston cream pie for 3+ years. This is by far my favorite juice. Creamy, chocolate, vanilla, smooth cakey taste. Absolutely love it!!!

  14. It was good but too sweet for me

  15. Jamie (verified owner)


  16. Heather

    I liked this juice, it wasn’t terrible, but it bunked up my wick super fast. It’s a nice cakey, creamy, chocolate, sweet flavor.

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