Caribou Lou

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Better than a fresh cocktail in a glass. A perfect blend of pineapple, rum, and coconut.

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7 reviews for Caribou Lou

  1. Jennifer

    When I ordered Caribou Lou I pictured a Hawaiian beach…when I shook and opened the smell reminded me of a delicious suntan lotion and when I filled my tank and tried it it was good! Really really good!

  2. Angela

    Good pineapple flavor. It all blends together into a tasty combination. It’s very strong on flavor so I usually keep a coil just for it. One of my favorite juices!!

  3. Anthony

    One of the only flavors I do not recommend. Not good.

  4. James

    Great flavor just not my cup of tea

  5. Lynricia

    This juice changes the most drastically throughout steeping than any juice I have ever had. Right out of the box, downright nasty! Harsh overpowering rum flavor, with a hint of coconut, and virtually no pineapple flavor. Put it aside for a week and tried it again. The rum flavored had toned down a bit and the pineapple in it was starting to come out a bit more. Much better. Fast forward 3 months and it is now really good. The only thing keeping it from great, it still needs a bit more pineapple flavor to it. I wish there was an extra flavor shot of pineapple added to the ordering options. (hint hint)

  6. Ali

    I wouldn’t recommend. Tastes like fruity soap. The only bad flavor I’ve gotten from Crimmy’s

  7. Drew

    Amazing flavor. Been my adv for a few years years now.

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