Crimmynal Toast Crunch with Sweet Cream

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Did someone say Crimmynal Toast Crunch? Well, there’s a first love, and then there’s a Crimmynal Toast Crunch love! A crunchin’, poppin’ breakfast blend of cinnamon, sugar, and Sweet Cream swirled together. It’ll leave you cravin’ that tasty vape!

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6 reviews for Crimmynal Toast Crunch with Sweet Cream

  1. Misty

    This is my absolute favorite juice! If you love the cereal, then you’ll love this! It does not disappoint!

  2. Arleen

    After a short steep, the flavor is so good! Love the sweet cream! Will buy again!!!

  3. James

    One of my favorites

  4. Misty

    Love this one! A little sweetness with a hint of cinnamon at the end! Taste like the real thing! Yum!

  5. Tyler

    Huge fan of the Pebbs with sweet cream, I figured this would be good too… I was wrong. I was kind of expecting this to taste like horchata/churro, it really just tastes like extremely strong cinnamon. Maybe the one with milk would taste better but I was hoping to get a sweeter creamier flavor because I knew the cinnamon would be strong, but it was much stronger than I expected. If the milk flavor actually tastes like milk, and not just a less sweet version of the sweet cream… it may be good. Dr. Crimmys has some of the best flavors Ive ever tried, but this one is a miss for me.

  6. Sierra

    Absolutely love this liquid!

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