DIY Overdose

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Our signature french vanilla custard the way YOU like it. Add up to three flavors, choice of extra overdose, and extra flavor dose of everything.

Since this is a custom flavor, it can not be replaced if you do not like it.

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22 reviews for DIY Overdose

  1. Stephen

    DIY strawberry, marshmallow with extra overdose. 70/30; 3mg. Found a new favorite. Good strawberry flavor with light marshmallow and OD on exhale. Very smooth.

  2. Nji

    Love it!

  3. Stephen

    Overdose DIY is great! The French Vanilla OD mixed with some flavors are astounding. My new favorite is Butterscotch, Sweet Cream, and extra OD shot at 3mg nic. The OD and sweet cream makes this flavor come alive to me. No chemical after taste. Smoothest and richest butterscotch I’ve ever had anywhere, using a Horizon Tech Falcon tank with M1 coil at 68 watts. Will be ordering more of this.

  4. Kayla

    I got the cherry sweet with an extra shot of everything and I am in love with it.

  5. Kimberly

    So many options with this flavor. Pick your flavors and give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

  6. Nick

    this flaovr is unreal,its tatse just like the real thing.

  7. Jim

    All strawberry is the way to go

  8. Alice

    I love this product & will continue to order it.

  9. Kyle

    Let me do something special for you.
    Kyle’s Secret Recipe
    F1: Vanilla
    F2: Cheesecake
    F3: Sweet Cream
    Extra OD and Flavor shot.
    Enjoyed it so much the first time I just ordered 500mg with my 1yr Customer 15% discount.
    GG. Say it back.

  10. Lisa

    Dr Crimmy’s is the best DYI provider!!! I have been using them for 4 years. My go to DYI is Key lime pie.
    Key lime,Graham cracker, sweet cream extra overdose extra flavor shot. Absolutely Delicious!!! Thanks Doc

  11. Elizabeth

    My fave all day vape! Have tried all sorts of vanillas and keep coming back to this smooth and sweet staple. Added barvarian cream rounds the flavor out nicely.

  12. Dorothy

    I love having the flexibility to customize my juice to my taste at an incredibly reasonable price. I’ve been vaping a blend of caramel, brown sugar, and sweet cream as my daily go-to flavor for over 3 years now & wouldn’t change a thing! Customer service is great, my orders show up quickly, and earning Crimmy Bucks makes a sweet deal even sweeter!

  13. Skyla

    I get the strawberry, marshmallow, marshmall am sum times I sub the 2nd marshmallow with lemom……I’ve been Ving it for yrs, it’s my go2 daily vape flavor! Always best quality an now I get crimmy bucjs, how cool is that! Ty, ty,ty!

  14. Larry

    I get my DYI overdose with banana, butterscotch, and sweetcream. It’s the best!

  15. Jason

    Used to always get Strawberry, Kiwi and Dragonfruit. They took away Kiwi, so I got Strawberry, Dragonfruit and Blood Orange. The Blood Orange overpowered everything and it’s all I can taste. Still love DIY, but going to have to try a different combination unless they bring back Kiwi. Please bring back Kiwi.

  16. Dennis

    Peanut butter strawberry graham cracker is the best

  17. Dennis

    I got marshmallow graham cracker Bavarian cream..not as good as i thought it would be..had it from another co and loved it…but crimmy is still my fav co

  18. Chris

    DIY overdose custard!!
    Why did I wait so long to try you?!

  19. Lisa

    Crimmy’s is great. Love the DIY option.

  20. Jason

    Love the DYI option. Strawberry, Kiwi and Dragon Fruit for the win!!

  21. Dennis

    Love the diy get the flavor you love

  22. Leslie

    Love it!

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