Pebbs with Sweet Cream

(90 customer reviews)


A mouth watering, citrusy breakfast blend.

Pebbs sweet cream version.

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90 reviews for Pebbs with Sweet Cream

  1. Catherine

    I ordered a whopping 500ml first time soley based on reviews. It is every bit worth the hype! I can vape this all day, every day. Add a flavor shot and go for it. Highly recommended!

  2. Christopher

    Have been vaping this juice for years! First found it at a local vape shape then started ordering it from here. By far best cereal vape out there and I’m picky!

  3. SUSAN


  4. Hayley

    My husband and my favorite. We have buying this juice for years!

  5. Eric

    Best product, been using for years and fast shipping!

  6. Christopher

    Still fantastic. Always has been. 3+ year customer.

  7. Allen

    Honestly, this is the best juice I’ve ever had. The flavor last all day, for multiple days. My number 1

  8. Max

    I prefer the original pebs without the sweet cream, feel like the sweet cream takes away from the flavor too much but still top notch

  9. William

    Some of the best cereal vape juice out there. The only down side is that it gunks up the coils within 3 days. No other cons to the juice.

  10. Larry

    This juice is absolutely amazing definitely a perfect all day everyday vape juice

  11. Christopher

    It’s great. My go-to vape for years now. Love it.

  12. Nick

    My all day vape. 500ml everytime!

  13. William

    Has and always will be favorite ejuice. It’s not overpowering, sweet and smooth. The fruity notes aren’t muted by the sweet cream like so many other juices out there. Thanks for being the best!

  14. Charles

    absolutely the best cereal vaoe I’ve ever vaped on. Extra flavor shot and extra sweet cream is a must! I gotten quite a few different juices from crimmy and i have loved all of them

  15. Nathanael

    I’ve been vaping this flavor for years it never gets old and it never disappoints perfect.

  16. Nicholas

    This is my go to juice. It has great flavor and is one of my favorite on this site.

  17. Christopher

    Continues to be the best! Been vaping this for YEARS. Thanks to everyone at Dr. Crimmy! Keep up the great work!

  18. Christopher

    Continues to be the best! Been vaping this for YEARS. Thanks to everyone at Dr. Crummy! Keep up the great work!

  19. Vicki

    Awesome flavor! I have been purchasing this for years now

  20. Dave

    This is my favorite by far!! There is a bottle of Pebbs in every order I place. Great flavor and great adv.

  21. Nick

    Fell in love with this juice years ago now its my adv. Can’t live without it.

  22. Jason

    I get this with extra sweet cream and an extra flavor shot along with berry crunch the same way. I absolutely
    love both of them. I only vape on 4 different juices consistently and crimmys is 2 of them.

  23. Nicholas

    My absolute favorite of all their flavors. My go to juice.

  24. Jamie

    Love this juice! And I love that your delivery Is so fast

  25. jacqueline

    I ordered Pebbs with Sweet Cream in a combo pack, that way I could try it first. It was fruity with light cream, Next time I will order extra cream, It is a great product!! Thank You Dr. Crimmy!!

  26. Matt

    Vape was real smooth and tasted great. Mine tasted a little lemony, but by no means did it ruin my experience with it. I just wasn’t expecting that with this cereal flavor. Overall, I’m very satisfied and would get this again.

  27. William

    I have been vaping pebbs for about 5 years now. Love every bit of it, granted it does gunk up the coils a little bit but that is minor considering how great this juice is. Highly recommend if you love fruity pebbles and sweetness with a nice exhale of cream. Milk doesn’t taste the same as sweet cream so keep that in mind.

  28. Christopher

    Love this stuff and have been using it for years! I do miss the larger bottles (recent order shipped in many ~100ml bottles) but the juice quality and flavor is always perfect. Keep up the great work, Dr. Crimmy’s!!!

  29. Nathanael

    Best juice ever made!! I’ve vaped this for almost 4 years never gets old.

  30. Kris

    If you’re looking for a great cereal flavor with rich cream flavor than this is for you. I’m using this juice as I’m writing this review. Definitely a great flavor.

  31. Billy

    This is by far one of if not the best recreation of the Fruity Pebbles flavor I’ve ever had. Kudos, Dr. Crimmy???

  32. Cyndi

    Definitely a favorite!

  33. Mark

    Hands down my favorite of all their flavors!

  34. Lance

    Best juice around! Great customer service amd fast shipping takes just like fruity pebbles and no lemon taste

  35. Jess

    Hands down my FAVORITE. This is my daily juice, all day everyday! Smooth, sweet and full of flavor!

  36. Kathryn

    One of my favorites! It’s smooth, sweet, and made just right!

  37. Kevin

    Smooth and delicious, fruity but soft!

  38. Christopher

    Love this stuff! Dr. Crimmy’s is amazing.

  39. Calvin

    Great Thanks!

  40. Jim

    As close as you can get to the real thing

  41. Matthew

    Best fruity cereal vape ever!!! I’ve tried them all from looper to rip trippers rainbow nuggets and I’m telling you this is the best by a long shot!! Also great customer service I got this in the mail in 3 days with standard shipping. I will definitely be buying more juice from here!!

  42. James

    Flavor is on point.

  43. Jon

    Everyday juice! Super Tasty!

  44. Mykael

    One of my everyday vapes. Love this juice been ordering from crimmys for years now. Its the only juice company I vape

  45. Chris

    Great juice! I have been using this juice for many years! My daily vape!

  46. William

    Favorite juice I won’t buy it anywhere else.

  47. Alex

    Flavor as described. A great cereal vape.

  48. Daniel

    Best cereal vape I’ve ever had.

  49. Brian

    I have tried Looper, The Milk and a few other similar cereal vapes and this one tops them all. I usually order this in 500ml, because it’s that good. Also, it’s just as tasty right out of the box as it is steeped.

  50. Amanda

    Pebbs with extra sweet cream and flavor shot has been our all-day vape for about 4 years now! Highly recommend to anyone that loves cereal flavors!

  51. Casey

    Great juice, one of my favorites!

  52. Calvin

    Pebbles is #1!!!!!

  53. Michelle

    Pebbs with cream is the vape that allowed me to quit smoking cigarettes…it tastes so good who would want a cigarette…

  54. Alexis

    My mother and law showed me this juice and now it’s my go to. I love dr crimmys’ Anything!!! I’ve been with you guys for 3 years!

  55. Andy

    Love cereal vapes this is one of my fav’s taste like fruity pebbles Get the extra flavor shot

  56. Amanda

    I love cereal vapes, and Pebbs has been mine and my husband’s go-to for the last three years! Definite all day vape, smooth and creamy. I always order extra sweet cream and flavor shot.

  57. SUSAN

    Still my fav all day vape.After 3 years of vaping nothing comes close to being as satisfying as Pebs!

  58. Colin

    My all day vape for probably the past three or four years. Ever since “Cereal Kill@“ became hard to find, I tried sooo many different ones..but this one was BETTER than that. Thanks Crimmys. Seriously.

  59. William

    Awesome flavor love u guys

  60. BRENT

    I trust the flavor every time. I try to order it when I can let it sit for a few weeks. Perfect flavor every time.

  61. Daniel

    Great flavor

  62. Mark

    This has been my GoTo flavor for almost 2 years now. Hands down the best pebbs flavor ever!

  63. David

    The Absolute best Pebbles from any company worldwide!! I’ve tried a bunch of them and this one tastes the most like the cereal. My go to liquid, when I’m not sure what else to get.

  64. Christopher

    Love this stuff!

  65. Ashley

    So glad i made this purchase! My husband loves it!

  66. Anthony

    This is my all time favorite! I always buy the biggest bottle I can get. Especially with the extra flavor shot and the sweet cream. It taste BETTER than the cereal!

  67. collin

    fuego juice right here this and fruit rings… I just wanna reccomend Fruity Rings w Sweet cream for anyone who hasnt tried bc thats my fav over pebbs +twisted loops even tho all 3 are nessesary in rotation. Ordered 120ml OD to mix w pebbs and eventually Scream to make my own Scream/pebbs Overdose for anybody considering mixing ideas…berry crunch is a nessesary in rotation too. Mixing berry crunch+OD sounds good or buying Mixed Berry Overdose … doc is the only vendor I keep coming back to online besides fuggin vape co which why not shout out since fuggins berry crunch is the only berry crunch I can compare to his. Good looks doc 😷

  68. James

    A great staple for all day.

  69. michelle

    Best tasting pebbles around . Thanks Dr Crimmy

  70. Kenesha

    The first time I tried this juice, I felt like every cell in my body sighed. Like if heaven had a taste, this was it. I’ve brought other flavors, but nothing has been better than MyPebbs. Thanks right.. MYPebbs lol Look you know the juice is good when people hit your vape and don’t even know your coil is burnt! Lawdhavemerci… Its got a fruity taste in the inhale and a creamy taste on the exhale. It’s bliss.

  71. Michelle

    All time best vape. I’ve tried plenty of others…and I always end up with Pebbles!

  72. Dino

    My every day all day 24/7 vape juice

  73. SUSAN

    love this flavor.i buy the 500 ml every month & i use it all !

  74. Michael

    This is the best Pebbles v-liquid on the market today. I literally love all their cereal liquids!

  75. Jason

    Hands down the best Pebbles flavor I have vaped! Thanks Doc, you nailed it.

  76. Tony

    Did not taste like fruity pebbles at all. Let it steep for 3 weeks and still no cereal flavor whatsoever even with the extra flavor shot.

  77. Joseph

    This is my all time favorite juice the flavor is spot on

  78. Steven

    By far my number one favorite juice! Great cereal flavor

  79. SUSAN

    this is my all time favorite vape,been using it all day, almost everyday for years

  80. Cheryl

    I was referred here by a friend. Have tried this at other places and I will say this is the best tasting juice I have ever had. Taste just like fruity pebbles! Cannot wait to order more from here! Will not get my juice anywhere else!

  81. Christopher

    I love this stuff! My local shop got me hooked on it, and when they stopped stocking it I moved online. Been ordering here every since. Always great quality at great prices. Thanks!

  82. Julius

    I have to tell anyone, by far …and I have been vaping for years. This is the BEST cereal vape I have ever had the pleasure of vaping. Thanks for a great Juice.

  83. Dino

    Good flavor my all time favorite I get it with extra everything lol

  84. JJ

    My go to cereal vape

  85. Nji

    My go-to! Taste great straight out the box.

  86. Morgan

    Tired many pebbles from other companies and nothing compares to Crimmys!

  87. The ABSOLUTE best pebbles from any company worldwide!! And it tried em all! This one with sweet cream tastes exactly like pebbles it

  88. Mykalah

    AMAZING!! My boyfriend and I vape on this all day everyday. Definitely the best cereal vape, straight out of the box or steeped. Extra cream & flavor shot is always a must!

  89. Tommy

    This was my all ADV for the 1st year. Very tasty and nails the flavor. This is the one that got me sold on Crimmy’s! Big on cerele flavors and this is a go to!

  90. Keith

    THIS is the one you’re looking for! Just the right amount of everything. Best cereal vape I’ve tried (and I’ve tried quite a few)

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