Tropical Illusion

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From the Caribbean to your cotton, we bring you: Tropical Illusion! A vape sure to make you feel like you’re sitting beach side. Multiple tropical fruits crashing like waves over your taste buds! You get a rich mango on the inhale, and a subtle, yet refreshing fruit blend on the exhale.

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27 reviews for Tropical Illusion

  1. Donshadria

    Great flavor smooth taste.

  2. Nji

    May need to let it steep for a while to get the best results. Love the tropical fruit flavors.

  3. Clista

    I haven’t fully let it steep. What I have tasted so far wasn’t bad.

  4. Annette

    This has always been my favorite and go to fruity flavor. I’ve been vaping it for years now.

  5. Greta

    My new favorite flavor!

  6. Robert

    Perfect for thinking warm thoughts during the cold weather or enjoying the warm weather I guess it depending on the situation. I love it, definitely a must have.

  7. Alan

    Tastes good you won’t be disappointed!

  8. Timothy

    I had tried this in the past and didn’t care much for it then. Now that I’m using a low nic level I gave it another try. Its a lot smoother with the lower nic. Turns out this juice is amazing. I will keep adding this to my go to juice list

  9. Linda

    I love it, i feel like im in the islands..

  10. Richard

    I’ve been vaping this same flavor since 2013…never gets old for me. Although this is my “go to” I like beetlejuice a lot too

  11. Judith

    One of my favorite

  12. Benjamin

    Great flavor, been using it for 3 years now. One of my absolute favorite flavors

  13. Pete

    Tropical Illusion is my go to for over 2 years.I have been vaping going on 9 years.Literally hundreds of juices and this one stands on top.

  14. Tenisha

    I purchased this in a combo pack. I was hesitant because I’m not a huge mango fan, but I was pleasantly surprised. The flavor is soft and not overbearing, and all the flavors mix well. I cannot say this is my favorite but I enjoy this flavor and I would purchase again if want to switch it up. I may let it steep more to see if I eventually fall in love with it…

  15. Camron

    This stuff is AMAZING, it’s my favorite, I keep ordering the 500ml bottle with extra flavor, and filling my little bottles. I haven’t had another flavor since I found this one. It’s the best.

  16. Daniel

    Didn’t like it fresh but after a month of steeping it’s full of tropical flavor. Went through coils fast though.

  17. Camron

    I haven’t found a better juice than this one, it’s wonderful, been using the SAME one for about 2 years now.

  18. Lynricia

    I bought this in a combo pack and immediately ordered a bigger bottle! I now have 3 fav fruit punch type flavs. The other 2 are Beetlejuice and The Fuzz, both equally awesome and uniquely delicious!

  19. Jeffrey

    This is another favorite of mine along with Beetlejuice. Tropical Illusion has more of a mango flavor, which is my favorite fruit of all time. Easily an all day vape.

  20. Joseph

    Did not enjoy this flavor maybe because of the extra shot I feel like it’s too strong of flavoring

  21. Joshua

    Amazing flavor, one of my every day juices to vape for people who love citrus/tropical flavors. Extra flavor shot in mine, a great daily vaping juice. It’s great right out of the box, after some steeping it’s even better than ever! This and The Fuzz are my go-tos!

  22. JJ

    Next to blood ops, this is my go to!

  23. Abraham

    it’s alright, same as other juices that gets “dull” for me really quick…

  24. Ryan

    Forget ADV, this flavor is an all year vape! This and the fuzz are the 2 best fruit vapes I have ever tried!

  25. I am new to vaping and this is the first flavor that I purchased. I really enjoy the flavor because of the many different flavors you get. Thank you, Dr.Crimmy.

  26. Mykalah

    I LOVE THIS ONE SO MUCH!!!! It literally has two different flavors on inhale and exhale. It smells amazing, I let mine steep for a few months and it’s perfection. Even right out of the box this flavor is amazing!! I highly recommend if you like fruity flavors.

  27. Stephen

    Great Tropical Punch flavored liquid. This is one of my ADV from Crimmy’s. I love this stuff I always grab a 500ml because I love it that much. I get mine 50/50 with the extra flavor shot.

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