Banana Pudding

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A southern delight! Ripe banana mixed with a creamy marshmallow, and bits of wafers!

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43 reviews for Banana Pudding

  1. Robert

    So far my fave Crimmy vape, especially with the flavor shot. Delish!

  2. Charles

    Next to Overdose this is my I need a break from my everyday.
    Best Banana I have ever tried. Awesome Banana flavor with a nice creaminess

  3. Anthony

    Best Banana Pudding in the World!!

  4. Jasmine

    The absolute best!!

  5. stuart

    I have a couple of ADV from Crimmy’s but this Banana Pudding is the best. I always get the extra flavor shot for added taste. If you want to save a buck you can forego the shot and still have a excellent tasting juice. I keep well stocked on this Crimmy juice. Buy it and Enjoy!!

  6. James

    One of my all time favorites

  7. Paul

    Love banana flavors but couldn’t get into this one. Aftertaste was much too sweet/sugary tasting on the lips.

  8. Alisa

    I love this flavor. The banana flavor is the best I have found and I have been trying flavors since all we had were cigalikes and teabags. I odered with an extra flavor shot and will do so again.

  9. William

    Starting vaping in 2014 and my local shop sold Dr crimmy’s bannana pudding then all of a sudden stopped selling glad I found out were to get it my favorite of all time its amazing.

  10. Kimberly

    The best banana pudding juice I have found.

  11. Charles

    This is the best Banana on the market! Overdose is my everyday fav. but I like to vape this on my stay at home device.

  12. Brian

    So good. Taste is amazing. Perfect banana flavoring.

  13. Jeff


  14. Jimmy

    One of the best flavors I’ve ever had. The flavor is sweet, it doesn’t gum up or makes my Falcon king coils turn dark quickly. You can really taste every flavor and the extra flavor shot is a must.

  15. Josh

    Best banana flavor out there! My all day vape! 10 stars

  16. gabe

    best banana pudding, don’t let servers shut down again i had to order a different brand and it sucks?? Crimmy’s is the way to go!

  17. Katrina


  18. Katrina

    Amazing…super creamy flavor with real banana taste…my favorite for sure!

  19. Paulie


  20. Terry

    This stuff is amazing. Here is something to try and it is also great! Take some Pebbs with milk and add some Banana pudding. Cereal with banana 🙂 Thanks for making awesome flavors.

  21. Ben

    After vaping ~4L of this product, they have finally coerced me into writing a review.
    I absolutely love it. Every time I order my 500ml it arrives on time and is very consistently the same quality.
    I cant say anything negative about any of their products. They’ve made my smoking cessation as affordable as possible and I hope they thrive.

  22. Marc

    Awesome flavor. Lasts through the whole bottle and recommend for those who enjoy banana puddling.

  23. Tenisha

    I purchased this in a combo pack. Initially, it was very bland and extremely light on flavor out of the box and I was not a fan at all. Left it in my drawer for almost 2 weeks and BAM! Such amazing flavor! The banana tastes so natural and the creaminess complements the banana flavoring well. I honestly did not taste the wafer, but definitely taste the banana and marshmallow. Just when I think I’ve found my favorite Dr.Crimmy V-Liquid, I fall in love with a new flavor! I will definitely purchase this in a larger bottle on my next order.

  24. Jon

    One of my favs. Amazing flavor!

  25. Salomon

    Amazing!! It is my top fave right now!

  26. Vince

    This juice is awesome. It tastes exactly as described. You get the banana taste and a vanilla wafer taste. I recommend to anyone who likes this kind of juice.

  27. Jeff

    This is good!

  28. Susan

    I’ve tried many banana pudding flavors and this is the best I’ve ever found.

  29. April

    Thing I vape !!!

  30. Jonathan

    One of my Favorite all day vapes.. By far the best Bannana flavor on the market. Super sweet with subtle notes of graham and merangue.. I have vaped 100’s of mls of this juice and it only gets better with time

  31. Mack

    Great flavor I’ll definitely be ordering more of this one!

  32. Emily

    My absolute favorite juice! Great ADV. I love bananas, but am typically disappointed by anything “banana flavored” because 9x out of 10 it tastes horribly fake. This flavor reminds me of banana cream pie! Only wish would be for an option to add a shot of sweet cream to it!

  33. April

    Only thing I vape

  34. Laura

    This is honestly the best juice flavor I have ever tried!! It has been my all day vape for almost 4 years straight now!! The flavor is amazing but not overwhelming like some flavors can be. I’ve bought multiple 500ml bottles of it and have yet to find a flavor that beats this!!

  35. Diana

    My favorite flavor . I do not get tired of this .

  36. Robert

    This is one of the best banana flavors around. Been enjoying this one for prob 3 years and I still keep buying more.

  37. Jason

    Great stuff highly recommend this flavor with the extra shot. Next on the list is Belgian waffle with fruit.

  38. Christopher

    Great flavor!!!

  39. Isaac

    great hazelnut flavor

  40. CrimmyBuckIssue_Lynricia

    I’ve tried banana flavors from many other companies before, but I never liked any of them. Dr. Crimmy’s is delicious. I never let myself run out of this one!

  41. Brent

    This is my favorite banana flavor.

  42. Best Banana flavor I have had

  43. Kevin

    Good stuff

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