Kitty Milk

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A creamy french vanilla custard, with strawberry and cheesecake.

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67 reviews for Kitty Milk

  1. Stephen

    I cannot find anything to complain about. The custard and strawberry blend with just a smidgen of cheesecake make this unlike anything I have found elsewhere. I’ll buy again!

  2. Carrie

    One of the best! Order every time!!

  3. Evan

    This is my go to juice! Perfect flavor everytime I order. I dont even need to let it steep like other juices. Its the best!

  4. Denise

    My first love…Fantastic blend-not too sweet. Just the right amount of strawberry and cream

  5. Thomas

    70/30, 1.5nic. Love this juice! It has become one of my go to juices for a few months now.

  6. Omar

    Just started vaping this stuff to day and it’s great. No flavor shot, or anything. Just great as is.

    -King Of Vape.

  7. Kimberly

    This is now one of my favorites to mix with other flavors when I am bored. It makes the taste come alive and it’s wonderful on its own. I let it sit for 2 weeks and since then it’s been a constant 3 or 4 times a week craving. Great flavor, definately recommend. I tried it the first time in the Flavor Pack then came back for 125mL w/15 nic. couldn’t ask for better.

  8. Zacharee

    Bought this every month for the last 2 years or so. Our fav for sure

  9. Thomas

    Kitty Milk
    80/20 mix, 1.5 nic, Steeped 36hrs (both caps off). Initial taste test proved to be weak in flavor than expected. I decided to steep this one longer than usual for this reason. All around great juice. The 3 flavors are balanced nicely with each other. This one might be a good candidate for a flavor shot, if steeping isn’t your thing.

  10. Charles

    Not a bad flavor im more of a cereal vape fan but kitty milk is a juice that ill get when I want something different

  11. John

    Tastes great just like the description. Quality is good as always. 80/20 is way to go

  12. Matt

    Great juice! Smelled and tasted like ice cream.

  13. Scott

    Smooth and just the right sweetness to be my ADV. An extra flavor shot is definitely the way I like it

  14. Patrick

    Great juice!

  15. Steven

    Fantastic juice!!!!
    Taste like nestle quick

  16. Robert

    Definitely worth it, it’s a great flavor

  17. Ari

    Literally purchased almost 10 of the large 125mL bottles it’s just that good. Tastes like custard, marshmallow cream, strawberry and cheesecake are there but not highly prevalent. And they finally switched over to better bottles!

  18. Connie

    Kitty milk is hands down my favorite adv. It’s sweet and creamy in all the right ways. I order 500ml every time. There is no other like it. Thank you for making such a delicious juice!

  19. Juan

    Best strawberry milk juice there is out there I recommend it at 80/20 for the best flavor and cloud density this is the juice I usually get all the time from Dr. Crimmy

  20. Aaron

    Yummy strawberry milk. It’s great with an extra flavor shot too. It’s the best milk type I’ve tried from anyone!

  21. Kyle

    This is the best juice on the market. If I’m having a hard time deciding what juice i want, i know i can always fall back on Kitty Milk.

  22. Lori

    This is the only juice I use. It is the only one I have never ever gotten sick of! I’ve been vaping this flavor for years now! I would give anything to be able to make this flavor myself!

  23. Sam

    6mg nic
    Xtra flavor shot
    Xtra cream
    This is my favorite so far out of about 20-25 flavors I’ve tried.

    Be sure to shake the bottle 3 times a day and keep uncapped.

    Was happy to report that, unlike many high vg this one oddly doesn’t seem to gunk up my coils nearly as fast. I do not know why.

    I soak my coils *thoroughly* before installing a new coil and burn at super low watts, about 40watts, for about an hour and slowly raise the wattage over the course of a few hours at about a few puffs every 30 min to an hour.

    It’s wisdom like this I’d wish capers were more coherent and clear about telling me as this drastically extends the life of the cotton for us who don’t use rba’s.
    This juice basically tastes like twice steamed milk with a non crappy sweetener. Sort of a strange experience to taste as that “milk” sensation is subtle irl witty steamed milk but here it’s center stage. This is a nice juice because it doesn’t taste oddly artificial despite the weird name of the juice.
    This juice is comfort food.

  24. Christine

    I have tried several flavors, all of which are great but nothing compares to the fantastic flavor of Kitty Milk!
    I get the extra strawberry & cream for that extra kick & it brings me back to my childhood & getting the tasty treat of a cold glass of Strawberry Quik! I’m addicted & am sure you will be too!!

  25. Tonya

    Love, love, love! My favorite Crimmy and all day vape!

  26. Zacharee

    Have probably bought this in 500ml atleast 50x, literally. Favorite juice by far

  27. Aaron

    Still my favorite flavor. Have tried several by purchasing the combo packs and keep coming back to kitty milk

  28. long

    I used to vape vanilla custard but now i switched to this all time favorite. Taste like vanilla custard with condensed milk to me. Love it thanks

  29. Denise

    Kitty Milk is my all time favorite. Purrfect in every way. Been my “go-to” for 3-4 years now. Thanks DR. Crimmys’s

  30. Juan

    Great flavor it’s my go to juice when I don’t know what to order from here kitty milk is on point on the flavor

  31. Ariel

    Love it, my every day vape. Let it steep for 2 or more weeks. Highly recommend it! Just what the doctor ordered.

  32. Allen

    Tried many flavors before and Kitty Milk is the all time favorite go to juice anywhere. The best flavor and consistency. Kudo’s for making an exceptional premium juice!

  33. Elysia

    One of my favorites. Can’t go wrong with this one. You’ll be hooked.

  34. Aaron

    This has turned into my daily driver. It has a nice subtle strawberry flavor with a creme base.

  35. Jim

    Good smooth flavor

  36. Justin

    One of my go-to flavors! It is similar to strawberry overdose, but with a lighter profile. Mmm yummy!

  37. Tenisha

    I really like this flavor. I definitely taste the crème and the strawberry but not so much the cheesecake (please take that with a grain of salt because I always have a difficult time distinguishing different flavors). I honestly prefer strawberry overdose but this is still a good flavor. I would definitely buy this again in a smaller bottle and may let it steep longer. I agree with one of the reviews, this juice does go through coils quickly, but it is so worth it!

  38. Derek

    I have vaped this every day for at least 5 years. Shipping is always killer from these guys too. Even with sales weekends and such. Thanks for keeping me off smoking crimmy!

  39. Abigail

    This is the best juice I think I’ve ever tried. I go through this liquid faster than anything else because I cannot put it down!

  40. Ronald

    Great all day vape that’s not too sweet and doesn’t clog coils. Vanilla custard with a hint of strawberry. I’d buy this by the gallon ….

  41. Derek

    Been my adv for years. Never get sick of it.

  42. kevin

    My favorite. I like to get different flavors, but always get a bottle of kitty milk with each order

  43. Larry

    Awesome smooth all day vape

  44. Allen

    By far the best flavor on the market hands down. I have tried hundreds of custards and most are too thick or leave an aftertaste. I vape 2 – 500ml bottles every 3 months in a tank and drip at home and it’s always perfect. Thank you

  45. Sherri

    One of the best flavors out there! Sweet!

  46. long

    awesome flavor. i normally vape vanilla custard only. this reminds me of it but with a more milky taste kind of like condensed milk

  47. scott

    Been vaping this for five years tried hundreds of other juices nothing compares 👍

  48. Christopher

    My ADV, has been for years now.

  49. Emily

    Delicious! Second favorite vape juice. First is banana pudding

  50. Larry

    Great vape

  51. Zachary

    Amazing flavor that continues developing over 3-4 weeks. Get the extra flavor shot, but the extra strawberry shot can make it harsh at times

  52. Lynricia

    Smooth and creamy strawberry milk flavor. Tasted even better after steeping for a week or two.

  53. Stephanie

    Kitty Milk is my favorite go to fluid! Love the smooth flavor

  54. Larry

    It is very smooth

  55. Samantha

    Love this flavor. Great rich strawberry flavor. It’s my anytime vape no matter if it’s warm or cold outside.

  56. Jennifer

    It was ok, not one i would do regularly. The flavor was just ok

  57. Holly

    Kitty Milk is one of my favorites so far!! Strong Strawberry flavor comes through and then Vanilla Custard on the exhale. All with a subtle Cheesecake flavor to boot!

  58. Kenneth

    Bought a 60ml, came back for a 500ml. Need I say any more than that?

  59. abram

    Good flavor, strawberry taste is a lil subdued at first but strengthens after a week or two steep. Great ADV

  60. Tim

    Great flavor can’t seem to buy any other flavors and it’s been over a year.

  61. scott

    Love this juice been vaping this for years great adv

  62. Don

    This is my second Choice of Flavor and Its really good straight out of the bottle …

  63. Nicolas

    I got this in a sample pack… it was ok. tasted more like a strawberry almond milk to me. take that almond flavor away and I would try again.

  64. Timothy

    Nice smooth strawberry milk flavor. Nothing compares to it. All day vape when I have it. I don’t seem to have a problem with having to change coils often with this juice. Flavor get better the longer its steeped.

  65. Abigail

    My absolute favorite! My go to juice

  66. Jessica

    I truly love this blend it has a very amazing flavor I always get it with extra flavor shots and in different nicotine levels. I believe if you try it you will want more of this great flavor I use the 50/50 but everyone has there own preferences. Thank you Dr. Crimmys for this great flavor

  67. Donavan

    as the starting statement implies this is the absolute best milk style juice I’ve had. It’s very sweet . But not overly done. I prefer the extra flavor shot from time to time. But without it is nice as well! Recommended at a 80/20 style for best flavor and cloud denstity . Best choice is to have this with some strawberry milk . Only back draw is it goes through coils pretty quick. But it’s worth it if you don’t mind the average time of changing a coil every 1-2 weeks

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