Rootbeer Float

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This is a root beer float, if you try real hard you can even taste the fizz!

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35 reviews for Rootbeer Float

  1. JOEL

    FAN FREAKIN TASTIC! I order 1.5mg 80/20 and LOVE vaping this flavor. If you ADV it, you can get a bit of a cinnamon hit from it after awhile. Pop off and come back after tongue rest and its great again.

  2. Stephanie

    This flavor is so good that I vaped a 60ml bottle before I could even let it fully steep. Immediately bought 125ml bottle! Get all the extra flavor boosts if you love bold flavor I do. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Father Luke

    Absolutely loving it.

    I’m a leather tongue from way back. Can’t taste as well as I used to. Hey, life long straight cigarette smoker. When I traded over to vaping I honestly couldn’t understand all the excitement over flavors.

    Dr. Crimmy changed all that.

    This root beer float is like a frosty and frothy root beer float. And stamp on my feet and call me daffy, but not only can I taste the fizz, I can also taste it.

    12nic / 80-20 pg/vg 125ml bottle.

    I purchase this on a regular basis.

    Great straight out of the mailbox.

    Love it.

  4. Mark

    Great root beer float! I have been ordering it for years. A perfect daily vape.

  5. Damon

    My favorite is Rootbeer Float, I just tried Carmel Macchiato and really liked it, you should give it a try.

  6. Damon

    Great V-Liquids, my favorite is Rootbeer Float, I just tried Carmel Macchiato, really yummy, try it.

  7. Michael

    So spot on the flavor. Root beer inhale, vanilla on exhale. Tastes exactly like what it says.

  8. Chris

    Really strong rootbeer flavor right out of the box, not much float.

  9. richard

    Great flavor! Tastes exactly like your smoking a root beer float.

  10. James

    One of my all time favorites

  11. Mark

    I have been buying Root beer float since Crimmy’s first began selling it. A great juice that I never get tired of.. Thanks so much Doc.

  12. jacqueline

    I’ve wanted to try this flavor for awhile now, I was afraid to buy a large bottle in case I didn’t like it, so i bought a combo pack, now I’m sorry I bought a small one, It’s Awesome!!!, It Really Tastes Amazing!!, It’s A Root Beer Float!!, I even taste the carbonation!! LOL!!, It’s a Great Product!!, Will be Buying it Again!!

  13. Mark

    A great Root Beer float flavor. I keep going back for more.

  14. Kimberly

    Always been one of my favorite flavors. It is absolutely root beer float in liquid form. Always outstanding.

  15. Jim

    Very close to the real thing

  16. Ashley

    Awesome flavor! was alright straight out of box, but got even better after steeping a couple weeks. Was only flavor that had any flavor straight from box.

  17. Courtnie

    Very yummy. To me it’s Just like a Root Beer Float. My husband says it reminds him of the root Barrel candies. So tasty!

  18. Mark

    My favorite for many years. It’s my go to, everyday! You will Love it!

  19. Daniel

    Surprised how well this flavor was pulled off. Lost its taste too quickly for me though. I’d love it if it kept its taste.

  20. Brandon

    I am not a fan of fruity vape flavors , root beer from crimmy has been my wheel house for almost 2 years I love it

  21. Mark

    I have been vaping for about 7 years. And Root Beer Float has been my go to juice, ever since I have heard of the Doc. Give it a try, you will love it!

  22. Deborah

    I could vape this for weeks! It is true to the root beer float float flavor. One of my favorites!

  23. Lynricia

    If you love the taste of rootbeer, then this one is for you! It tastes exactly like rootbeer, straight out of the box.

  24. Matthew

    If you like rootbeer you will love this flavor. It is one of my favorite all day vaps. Refreshing rootbeer on the inhale and delicious ice cream on the exhale. The profile is spot on. Nice job Dr.Crimmys.

  25. Adam

    I started vaping the Rootbeer Float about 6 months ago and haven’t gone a day without it since. An excellent ADV and great Crimmy’s quality as always! I do 70/30 with the extra flavor shot.

  26. Jason

    Crimmy’s hit the nail on the head with this juice that’s for sure. This is definitely an all day vape. As with many of the flavors I’ve tried they are all fantastic. Trust me I’ve vaped a lot of juices. And had my cousin not turned me on to this company I would have never ever found these guys. 500 ml bottles are the business and are priced great. If you have not gave these guys a try I highly recommend you do. Next flavor on my list to try is the Crimmy cake.

  27. Michael

    Dr Crimmys Root Beer Float has been my daily, for the last 5-6 years now. I go through a 125ml every two weeks, it’s that great. If you like the bite from real root beer, and the sasparilla flavor that you can only get from root beer than this is definitely the juice for you.

  28. Kimbrell

    This has become my ADV. Tastes like the root beer barrels I had as a kid! Definitely a 5 star winner here!

  29. John

    Delicious, best root beer flavor I’ve found.

  30. Colt

    Absolutely amazing, by far one of my favorites, I will definitely order this again and again, keep it up doc, you have a customer for life

  31. Ryan

    Flavor is SPOT ON! Will order again in the summer!

  32. Joan

    Hands down my favorite flavor of all time! It tastes exactly like a rootbeer float. I enjoy it with an extra shot of rootbeer. It’s amazing the day I get it and gets better the longer I have it.

  33. Matthew

    OMG! This is so realistic, tastes exactly like an A&W Root Beer with a scoop of French Vanilla. Mind blown! Like timdalefan says, it’s even got the tingle from the fizz. Amazingly good. My new favorite!

  34. Keith

    Root beer is such a hard flavor to hit just right, but the good Doctor hit the nail square on the head with this one. Be sure to get an extra flavor shot and extra ice cream! This one is one to steep – the flavor gets better and better the longer it sits.

  35. Timothy

    Great flavor. Needs a little steep time when you get it for a good blend. When it comes around its amazing. And the fizz is there too. Don’t know how they do it but its great. Recommend this juice to anyone that enjoy a good Rootbeer Float. Extra Ice Cream and flavor shot makes it stand out

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