Crimmy Punch

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This is a classic citrus punch that we all grew up with.

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4 reviews for Crimmy Punch

  1. JOEL

    Hits like 7Up. very nice gentle fruity. long ADV can get a bit of tongue bite from the citric, but nothing terrible at all. order 1.5mg 80/20 and its a nice balance. bit sweet for me, but I manage lol

  2. James

    Very fruity and its growing on me

  3. Nicolas

    Not bad, I was hesitant on this one but I kinda like it. its kinda refreshing almost like 7up

  4. Keith

    Too much of everything. Not a good balance. Had really high hopes for this one but was sadly disappointed. Taste is very subjective, so just because it wasn’t for me, doesn’t mean it won’t be your new ADV.

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